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Dec 20, 2005 01:07 PM

jamaica jamaica...please help!

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looking for a great brawta but the more the merrier.

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  1. here's a link to start . . . the Brooklyn spots for jerk exhaustively discussed.

    I'm very fond of the vegetarian patties (in gorgeous coco bread) at Christie's on Flatbush at Sterling Pl - no love for the meat ones, but mmmm veg.


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    1. re: pitu

      Note that Danny and Pepper have since parted ways. They're now two separate vendors competing for the title of best jerk on the block, and possibly the city; Danny Express and Peppa's Jerk Chicken. I haven't been since the split, but Sietsema prefers Peppa.

      Danny Express
      771 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn

      Peppa's Jerk Chicken
      738 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn

      1. re: Spoony Bard

        I think the Voice did a feature on this a few months ago. Followed the link over from the Jamaican Grandfather thread.

    2. been cruising thru east flatbush/brownsville the past few months, we're about ready to start posting pix & reports at The 'Chop. there is some tasty stuff in those parts tho, & not just jamaican - barbados, guyana, etc. stay tuned.

      –The Porkchop Express