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Nov 28, 2005 08:51 PM

Modurang - Korean on Northern Boulevard - yum!

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I just had the most delicious post-DMV meal at Modurang 144-18 Northern Boulevard, and I was wondering if it could be the same tiny green noodle shop Lisa mentioned on northern boulevard.

I'm not an expert on Korean food but we got so much more food than we were expecting, dinner came out to about $20 for two people, and all of it was divine! The place is a tiny neon green space in a strip mall, and it's very cute and youth oriented - I felt like I was on a teen date. The little accompaniment dishes that came before the meal were so tasty - there was a sweet marinated tofu which my friend said was the best he's ever tasted - succulent and delicious. I was a huge fan of some tiny roasted potatos, and the seaweed salad was so good!

We ordered somewhat conservatively - I got the soon tofu, which was soft and creamy and filled with wonderful tiny bots of tender seafood. My friend John got a chicken rib dish which I didn't get to try. And we both loved the very fresh and delicious kimbab which we got to start off.

Next time I'm curious to try the poridge with abalone and carrot, or squash, and try to talk my meat eating friend into getting the "halloween katsu" described as "mixed pumpkin, sweet potato, mozarella cheese and pork cutlet".

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  1. Not the one I posted about, but also very worthy.

    Their specialty, I believe, is ja-ja myun (totally butchered that spelling) Actually other than soondae
    (blood sausage) the only Korean dish I eschew- noodles with some pork, onion, and cucumber (so far so good) in a thick, black (and to me tasteless) sauce.

    Not a huge ja-ja myun fan.

    But I do like Modurang.

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      I don't like Korean-style jia jiang mien either. I'm loyal to the Chinese version, especially my mom's AKA mine. Can't handle the thick glop. The glowing smiles my Korean friends sport when it's even mentioned means I'm definitely missing something.

      1. re: Nancy

        "Thick Glop"

        Perfectly stated :)

    2. I'm pretty sure the one Lisa and Linda mentioned is Arirang, 137-38 Northern (near Linden Pl), 718-661-5454. I've yet to try it, but I've wandered past and it looks great.

      1. What part of Northern Blvd is this place on! Thanks :)

        1. is modurang a chinese korean place? i can't seem to place where this is. if you did like the cuisine, there's plenty of chinese korean places to try out in bayside/flushing. i think i mentioned in a previous post that i really like "guh sung" on bell blvd the best (across from c-town). key dishes to try: jjam-ppong (korean noodles in a hot, spicy seafood broth), tang-soo-yook (breaded and fried pieces of beef in a sweet and sour sauce), ggam-poong-ddak (breaded and fried chicken in a sweet & garlic-y sauce - ask for the chicken with the bones, soo tasty. you can also ask for the shrimp version, very good as well), fried crabs - the huge crabs are sitting in the front aquarium.

          oh - the tiny greenish place on northern blvd (and linden place) is indeed "arirang", which has a yellow and red awning. they serve "kal-gook-so" which is thick korean noodles in a thick broth, either with chicken or seafood. amazing and cheap stuff.