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Nov 27, 2005 10:09 AM


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I went there this weekend and the food was so so. I went cause a friend said it has been there for over a 100 years. I wasn't impressed . Does any one have any suggestion on a good old fashion italian rest in the 5 boro's. I tried Rao's in East Harlem and I wasn't happy with them either.

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  1. robertos, piccola venezia, manducattis

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      i second this. all three choices. and i also agree that bamontes and rao's are not food destinations.

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        I don't know Manducattis, but, both Robertos (Bronx) and Piccola Venezia (Astoria), while excellent, are not typical old fashioned Italian-American red sauce places. I'd second Frost for good old-fashioned Italian.

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          If you want more of a red sauce joint, try Parkside in Corona. I ate there last night, and as always it was very good. They do all the classics, clams oreganato, pasta fagiole, and all the parms. Big portions, reasonable prices, great service and a nice family atmosphere. The food is not on the level of pic ven, but i don't think they are trying to be.

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            Manducatis falls into this category more than PV or Robertos. They have a great wine list and the food is good, if not great.

          2. On Graham Avenue in Williamsburg, right near the Graham stop on the L line and not that far from Bamonte's, is a whole stretch of Italian restaurants. Most of the chefs and owners come from the tiny town of Teggiano, near Naples. Many are named Cono (!), from the name of the patron saint I think, or maybe from Saturday night live skits. I havent been there in years, but I used to like Cono & Son O'Pescatore 301 Graham Ave and also La Locanda, 432 Graham. And. closer to Bedford Ave, not Graham, is Driggs Pizza, 558 Driggs Ave, a nondescript pizza shop with a restaurant hidden in the back. Other people recommend Frost Restaurant. I believe that years ago Jim Leff wrote that O'Pescatore was just about the best of its type in NYC, so old-school authentic that they use Neapolitan techniques that are hard to find even in Naples.


            1. I had also heard that Bamonte's was supposed to be good and was very disappointed with my food. I thought it was expensive for what it was and the food was quite bad. Not in a tastes-terrible to the point of not eating it way, but when I finished up whatever dish it was I had heard was one of their specialties, I felt like it reminded me of something. Walking down the street, I was able to place it - canned Chef Boyardee pasta; whatever tomato-cheese sauce they made tasted exactly like what I remember Spaghetti-O's tasting like.

              1. I love Parkside in Queens but also just tried F&J ( Frankie & Johnny's) Pine Restaurant in da Bronx. Great atmosphere , totally a red sauce joint, super big portions- Check it out