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Nov 26, 2005 05:51 PM

Indian in Brooklyn

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Looking for a good indian restaurant in bklyn.
Any suggestions?

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  1. I liked Raga, on Smith St. at Bergen St.


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    1. re: mikey utah

      I agree on Raga. They are the best Indian place in the Boreum/Cobble Hill. Great mango lassis and best DOH cleanliness record for an Indian restaurant in the area.

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      best i've found so far is Kinara on 5th ave. and about 11th st. Had a great lunch, and the menu is 50 percent off at that time . Baluchi's also does a half off eat-in lunch, and I noticed the menus at both places are fairly similar. Kinara had a more homemade taste and i thought the dishes were more delicate. Both places have Kachori and Aloo Papri... both slamming at kinara

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      1. re: rootytootyfreshnfrooty

        I know Baluchis on Smith closed, is there another one in Brooklyn?

      2. Depends where in Bklyn you are or feel like going. Personally, I dont think there's anything great here, but Kinara on 5th Ave (10th or 11th St?) was good the times we were there, although service was overwhelmed. Then there are the places on McDonald Ave off Church & Coney Island Ave around Ave H - Newkirk, which change regularly & are Pakistanian (not sure whether you wanted "Indian" to be taken literally). And, of course, Curry Leaf on Remsen off Court here in Bklyn Hts. isnt bad (owned by Kalustyan folks from Lex/E20s in Manhattan).

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        1. re: Steve R.

          I concur about Curry Leaf in Brooklyn Heights. The location isn't a good one, on Remsen St, between Court and Clinton, but the food and service are way above the level of the average neighborhood restaurant. The Kalustyan (sp?) influence is obbious in the quality of the ingredients.

          1. re: Steve R.
            John-Paul Pagano

            A friendly correction: the Coney Island places (best one, to my recollection, is Bukhara) are Pakistani, and the Church Avenue places (best one, in my current opinion, is Jhinuk on MacDonald Ave.), are Bangladeshi. Of course the cuisines are similar, both to each other and to Indian food, but they are different, and the distinction is worth mentioning.

          2. I have always been dissapointed with the indian choices in Bklyn for so long until Kinara came along, i believe they are 11st st on 5th ave take out, eat in have all been great..a bit more pricey than your curry row manhattan choices but rents are higher in the slope believe it or not! so definitely try Kinara.....the tikka masala is great!

            1. Joy on Flatbush Ave on the border of Park Slope and Prospect Heights is the only Indian in this nabe I've found to come back to...we get lots of takeaway from there...

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              1. re: pitu

                I second Joy. They make a great chicken madras. I find most indian restaurants to serve food less spicy to suit american tastes, which to me is disappointing. I was pleasantly surprised to find some heat to this dish. Almost like mom's home cooking!