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Nov 22, 2005 01:40 PM

Party Room for 50-60 people

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We are having very bad luck finding a party room( a garden would be nice) for a large rehearsal dinner this summer. Everywhere we go, the owners want us to rent out the entire restaurant for $10-15,000. That is outrageous.Please help!

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  1. I have heard good things about Frankie's 457, but you would have to research -- I don't know anything about their cost or how many they can accommodate. I do remember hearing that people have enjoyed private parties there.

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      Just responded to a simlar request for a bat-mitzvah - but try Tempo Restaurant in Park Slope - I know they do this sort of thing alot - and they have a seperate room so you would not have to close down the restaurant - and I doubt they would charge $10-$15,000.

      1. re: E.V.O.O.

        FYI - tempo charges $15k for the whole restaurant. Their private party menu starts at $45/per person, and goes up to $75/person, not including taxes or tips. If you can afford it (which I could not, sadly) their food is amazing.

    2. check out The Riverdale Garden. We had a party there this past summer. The garden was perfect for up to 60 people.

      1. I don't think you're going to be able to find a place for that many people without shutting down the restaurant. Think of it from the owner's perspective: you can't accommodate a group that size without focusing exclusively on the group.

        1. ellen- try river cafe. i recently tried to make reservations for the office holiday party, but they wanted a min of 50 people and our party consisted of about 15-20 people so it didn't workout. i'm not sure what your budget is, but this would be a great backdrop for a rehearsal dinner party because you'll have a great view of the city. goodluck in your search.

          1. You might look into Dos Caminos on Park Ave South and 26th St in Manhattan. They have a curtained off back section you can reserve for parents held a post-wedding Sunday brunch there for me & my wife in October (about 60 people)--I think it came to about $50 per head after everything. Food was good (Mexican fusion-y). Here's their URL: