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Nov 20, 2005 12:25 AM

Breakfast Lover in Queens

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I am soon to relocate to Queens from Chicago where weekend brunch is king! On my visits to Queens I have not found the sort of breakfast outings I have come to know as a birthright in Chicago. I will be living in Sunnyside, so can anyone direct me to the sort of place that would match some of my favorite Chicago locales (for those of you familiar with the great Chicago brunch locales, that would be Bongo Room, Orange, Toast, Flying Saucer, Bite among others). I have sworn up and down to my British boyfriend that he has not eaten real pancakes until he's had it at such a place, but now that he'll be visiting me in Queens, I don't want to eat my words!

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    Monkey Man Jake

    Ah... Chicago breakfast. I *wish* New York was as good for breakfast as Chicago is. I miss even the downscale places. And who can forget Lou Mitchell's?! Well, I happen to live in Sunnyside, and the good news is that Sunnyside and Woodside are pretty damn good when it comes to brekky. The Irish breakfast is king here in the nabe. Check out Rose Restaurant on 44th and Queens Blvd. And for a decent Irish brek as well as great donuts, check out Alpha Donuts. Don't let the decor fool you.

    For bruch, check out La Flor, though I understand it may have gone downhill recently. For baked goods, it's La Marjolaine on 51st and Skillman.

    Anyone know Bliss for their brunch? I don't. I've heard mixed things. Anyone?

    1. Having moved to Queens after living in Chicago for a few years, there really is no breakfast place that compares with the places you've mentioned.

      La Flor is great, although not at all similar to a Chicago style breakfast. Other than that one outpost, most of the neighborhoods I've explored along the 7 don't have much in the way of pancakey breakfasts.

      You might try 9th St. Market in the East Village for pancakes. When blueberries were in season, they had fantastic blueberry pancakes. Still no Chicago spread, but fantastic nonetheless.

      Alternatively, there are great pastry shops in Jackson Heights you could try. No pancakes. Just lots of sugar for your morning jolt.

      1. Although it can be a bit loud and crowded during breakfast hour, NY Style Eats on Queens Blvd has good breakfast. Their California Benedict is deelish. Also, I like Stop Inn on 61st and Roosevelt Ave in Woodside. Yummy hashbrowns-shredded style.

        1. "Quaint" on Skillman Ave. btwn. 46th & 47th has a brunch. I have not tried, but have been there for dinner and it was really good. I haven't even seen the brunch menu up outside, but the owner said it is sunday 12-3. their garden looks nice.

          1. Plenty of fashionable brunch places in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Queens is a bit more... utilitarian when it comes to breakfast. Still, there's lots of good breakfast to be had here. As a poster above noted, most local pubs and several coffee shops make a serious Irish breakfast/brunch, which are often really quite good, if a little meat heavy. I second the recommendation for Stop Inn which is very near me. Plain Irish style diner under the 7 train with fine Irish (and good ol' American) breakfast items.

            There are also some pretty damn good Mexican breakfasts to be had everywhere from Sunnyside out to Corona. One place that gets frequent mention on these bords is the cute little El Jarro Cafe on 48th Ave. & 45th St. right there in Sunnyside.

            All the coffee shop places like Rose or Stop Inn serve pancakes, but the ethnic mix in these neighborhoods doesn't really tend towards pancake eaters (unless you're talking yummy Korean scallion pancakes). Nor is it fashionable enough around here (yet) to have a big brunch scene. For that you'll have to go to the East or West Village or Smith St. in Brooklyn.

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              i love el jarro. i've yet to try their breakfast--actucally, i don't think i realized they had breakfast...what's good?