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Nov 18, 2005 07:52 PM

Dracula's Place - Sunnyside

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I'm soon moving to Sunnyside and I noticed that near my new apt is a Romanian restaurant called Dracula's Place. Has anyone been there? I'm tempted to visit just for the name, but wondering if anyone can recommend a good menu item or let me know if this place is just milking Romania's most famous son.

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  1. Where in Sunnyside, which does have a Romanian restaurant called Transylvania? Perhaps they just temporarily re-named it for the recent Halloween festivities?

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      That's the one! I do remember now that Transylvania was also written on the front of the restaurant, although it also said Dracula's Place. So, is it worth a trip?

    2. Has anyone had an experience here yet??? This place has always intrigued me.

      1. The name of the restaurant is Transylvania, I think that "Dracula's Place" is just on the sign. The place has okay food, though slight overpriced (compared to cheaper options). There is an awesome blown up picture of the Count, a disco ball, and banquet hall style seating. When I went there there was a birthday party with a singer and some circle dancing, but this is par for the course in Romanian restaurants. The best part about going there was this awesome fried dumpling donut thing covered in sour cream icing and jam. It almost gave me a heart attack, but the dumpling was as crispy as the icing was heart-clogging.

        I would recommend Romanian Garden, also in Sunnyside. This place has a delightful outdoor theme, and a slightly offensive statuette/candy dispenser. Their steaks are like $14, their BOTTLES of wine are $12 or $14 as well. Best item I've had their is their polenta covered in feta and sour cream. Unlike Dracula's Place, this one doesn't have Romanian beer, but still has plenty of cheap crunk.