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Nov 3, 2005 08:18 AM

Where to find fresh kosher fish

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I want to start cooking fish a lot more and am not familiar at all with where to buy good quality kosher fish in my area. Please could someone advise me, I live near Mill Basin, Brooklyn

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  1. I have no idea where Mill Basin is, but there's a place called So's Kosher Fish Market at 1602 Ave M that's supposed to be pretty good.

    So's Kosher Fish Market
    1602 Avenue M, Brooklyn, NY 11230

    1. not that far but excellent quality and strictly kosher-E.16th street between Kings Highway and Avenue P. He also has a grill with CHEAP prices for delicious grilled/fried items to eat at counter or take home. His prices are FAR cheaper to the fish markets on Avenue U which I'm sure which will be recommended but quality every bit as good and his store carries no shellfish if that is also of importance to you.

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        Is this fish market still there?since you posted in 2005?
        What is the name of this one off kingshighway?
        Are they open SUNDAY? today?
        Thank you

      2. You might also want to post this to the kosher board of chowhound -