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Nov 2, 2005 11:04 AM

Williamsburg/Greenpoint: is there any decent Chinese takeout

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hello-i live on Graham avenue, close to the BQE. are there any decent (clean and tasty) chinese take out places?

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  1. Hey All - I second the request: I'm in Willie-B and now that Shanghai Lee is closed (temp/renovating or permanent I don't know)I'm at a loss also for decent Chinese takeout. Not that S.L. was that good but with certain things at least passable. Chinese Musician on Greenpoint Ave used to be where I'd take out but about a yr ago an order of "Fish with Ginger and Scallions" proved to have been made with the fish tasting of ammonia. I can't get over that and I have a pretty strong stomach! So that place is out. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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    1. re: Chas

      Try Fortune Cookies at 611 Manhattan ave 718-389-7103. It's pretty good and cheap.


    2. Anything new to report in 2008? I usually avoid any Chinese take-out joints coz I've been spoiled by my two faves in Manhattan (Szechuan Gourmet on 39th and Grand Sichuan) or the good stuff in Queens, but here I am sitting at home and hankering for something spicy and tasty. Any recs out there?

      Preferably near Graham/Nassau stops....

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      1. re: spicy_chewy

        Wish I knew of something good to recommend - Fortune Cookie as mentioned above is edible. Chinese Musician is pricy and sometimes okay - it aspires to be higher quality but you are always left wondering whether it was worth the extra money.

        1. re: dark knight

          very true. i'm always at least slightly disappointed by chinese musician, but then the alternatives aren't great. grace, on franklin street, is about the same in terms of quality. nothing that will wow you, but it's acceptable.

      2. We ate at M Shanghai once and it was pretty decent -- and I see they deliver! Could be an option.

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        1. re: chompchomp

          wow - they'll deliver to greenpoint. i can deal with the $3 fee. thanks for posting that link, because it never would have occurred to me as an option. i just assumed that they were williamsburg-only.

          1. re: wleatherette

            I tried Shanghai Den last night and it was on the pricier side and the portions were pretty small. The "juicy pork dumplings" and wonton soup were okay, but the mooshu wasn't very good, although I liked the pancakes that came with it. Reminded me of Chinese Musician - not really sure it was worth the price. What's up with the very limited menu?

            1. re: dark knight

              that's not a very encouraging report. i tried m shanghai once quite a while ago, and it was fine though not remarkable. sigh. i guess i'll just stick with the musician, then.

        2. Chinese Musician is always my favorite in the area, ordered from Grace once and was very disapointed. Great wall is also very good for some things, there house chow fun is very good

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          1. re: Asumnuthin

            I've had decent luck recently with Pac Food restaurant and I'm not just saying this because I feel guilty that they comped us a mooshu chicken order because they forgot the pancakes the first time. I like the fact that you can get decent pork buns and they have baby bok choy on the menu (although a little pricey).

            It's still Chinese takeout - but for now, it's my new place for ordering Chinese.


            1. re: dark knight

              they have some indonesian dishes on the menu under "house specials." have you tried any?

              1. re: wleatherette

                I haven't yet but will try to check some out. I've been two more times and so far it's been the most consistently decent of the Chinese takeout I've had.

          2. My two faves in the hood are Red Bowl on Bedford and M Shanghi on Havemeyer. They aren't your typical (what my friends and I refer to as) 'Bullet-Proof" Chinese... ie: bullet proof glass/take out. They are real restaurants with better quality food. M Shang was my fave until I ate so much of it, I tired myself out.

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            1. re: malibu

              OK, I have to chime in here re: Red Bowl. Their Kung Pao chicken was quite possibly the worst FOOD, not just thworst Chinese Food, I've ever had delivered to my door. It was sweeter than a bag of Twizzlers and had no discernible Chinese ingredients or flavorings (OK, maybe a little soy sauce).

              1. re: PAL

                I've never had the Kung Pao chicken at Red Bowl, but everything else I've had there has been good to very good. If nothing else, the people who own it and work there are very nice and their delivery is incredibly fast.

                To this day, I think M Shanghai is just overrated and overpriced.

                Fortune Cookie on Manhattan wins my vote for best "counter joint," which ain't saying much.

                Overall, this is a bad hood for Chinese food.

                1. re: benmeddle

                  I've always been underwhelmed with M. Shanghai. For dumplings, and Asian food in general, if I'm on the southside, Snacky is a no-brainer. Guess I will have to give Musician a go.

                  1. re: spicy_chewy

                    i'd give musician a miss. it's been pretty bad the last 2 times we've ordered. at this point, when we want chinese we cook the simple stuff ourselves!

                    1. re: wleatherette

                      The place I thought was decent - PAC - closed it's doors. Not sure if they are moving or just closed. I've had decent meals at Red Bowl lately. I like their vegetable selection.

                      1. re: wleatherette

                        i can't vouch for it these days, but i have to say that i am impressed by the longevity of chinese musician. it was my go-to when i lived on franklin and eagle back in (gulp) 1985.