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Oct 28, 2005 12:42 PM

Uncle Georges CLOSED

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Does anyone know what is going on with
Uncle Georges in Astoria
It has been closed for three days
Rumors are: Renovations or Health Dept shut down
Not that it will be missed!!!!

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  1. How sad! best bbq lamb...

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    1. re: welle

      funny i was there monday afternoon, if its health department there would be a seal on the front door.
      the place could definetly use a make over.

    2. Just checked Health Dept. Website and here is what they had on Uncle Georges

      33-19 BROADWAY, NY 11106
      Inspection Date: 05/19/2005
      Passed inspection. Follow-up inspection not required.
      No violations that present a threat to the public health or relate directly to factors which lead to foodborne illness were recorded at the time of this inspection.

      If you would like to receive a copy of the full inspection report, call "311" (for City Government*) between 9 A.M. and 5 P.M., Monday through Friday, and state that you would like to obtain a copy of a restaurant inspection report.

      A Department representative will take your information and mail you the most recent inspection reports for up to five establishments, free of charge.

      *(Outside the five boroughs of New York City, call "212-NEW-YORK".)

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      1. re: mshpook

        Thats funny because I tried to get the info from health department and was not able to do so. It said web page UNDER CONSTRUCTION
        Once in a while i like to look up restaurants
        so please post the web adress and exactly what to look under thanks

      2. I passed by there Wednesday night--sign on the door said they are closed for renovations.

        1. Good! Maybe it'll become something decent.

          1. I passed by this morning and it looked like they were just doing renovations. Not that I care -- it's a pretty bad restaurant.