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Oct 27, 2005 10:34 PM

Press 195

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I've been jonesing for the beet salad at Press 195 (195 5th Avenue, Park Slope) for a few weeks now, and this was the first opportunity to fulfill that. The salad was delicious and hit the spot, my husband ordered their version of a cuban sandwich which was also delicious. Overall a very satisfying dinner for under $25 including a generous tip.

We were chatting with the waitress and told her we lived in Queens - at which point she told us they were opening up a new location in Bayside - she wasn't sure where but said it was slated to open in October but of course construction was running late.

Looking forward to another good casual eats place in Queens. So far my favorite salads are the arugula/watercress salad at Nicks Pizzeria on Ascan in Forest Hills and this beet/goats cheese & mixed greens at Press 195 in Park Slope and believe it or not the goats cheese, grilled portebello & avocado over baby greens at 200 Fifth Avenue in Park Slope.

Finding a good consistent dinner portion salad is not that easy!

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  1. I, too, am a fan of Press 195's cubano. Not entirely authentic, but certainly better than 95% of the cubanos in the city.

    What makes this beet salad so good - are they roasted beets? Is it just beets/goat cheese, and mesclun?

    Also, my fave salad, anywhere, has got to be the fried watercress salad at Sripraphai. Unbelievable. It is, however, a salad that eats like a meal. Fried watercress leaves, squid, shrimp, and a spicy-as-hell sauce. (It's hot, so I wouldn't consider it a dressing.)

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      I'm also a huge fan of the Beet salad. The beets are roasted, and the salad is on mixed greens, with 2 big dollops of goat cheese, some crunchy croutons, a heap of caramelized onions, some shredded carrot, and some roasted peppers. The dressing is a deliciously tangy-sweet maple vinaiagrette.

      Check it out-- it is definitely the type of salad that you'll end up craving!

      1. re: Lambretta76
        Bob O'reilly

        I spoke with the owner as I am a park sloper, he said they are on Bell Blvd (40-11) btwn 40th and 41st I remember this as I used to live off that avenue many moons ago from what I recall it is a very big Irish bar scene and I am sure hey will be a welcome addition....he said opening was Nov 15th

      2. I ate at Press twice a week for a six-month period (hey, I was broke and they're cheap!) and my favorite sandwiches were as follows:

        Homemade roast pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickle chips and roasted garlic spread (Cuban)

        Turkey and Fontina cheese with a cranberry and roasted pear chutney

        Ham, Brie cheese, sliced Granny Smith apples and Dijon mustard

        All delicious!


        1. The new Press is on Bell Blvd and 40th Street. It was supposed to open the first week of October, but it is late. I'm sure it will be worth the wait.

          1. that beet salad and the faux cubano sandwich are my two favorites, too. but two weeks ago, i have to add this new fave to the mix, one of their specials of the day that should be a regular fixture on the menu: a yam and carmelized onion puree soup. so delicious, perfect for fall and winter. goes perfectly with that cubano, i tell ya! best sandwich in the 'hood.