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Oct 20, 2005 12:56 PM

Eastern Queens Restaurant

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Need Restaurant recommendations for Eastern Queens, Bayside, Whitestone,Douglaston, Little Neck etc. Moderate priced, not Uncle Jacks and not Chains IE: Outback, Applebee's etc.
French, Italian, Thai, Greek, Spanish, Seafood, Steaks any of these. B-day dinner for four.

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  1. Think about going to La Baraka. Although we haven't been there in awhile, it is lovely. The food is French and they have a great menu. The service is attentive and you are never rushed. The husband and wife who own it try very hard to make you feel comfortable. I believe that they also have a Sunset Special but I don't remember what days. It is right over the Nassau COunty line. It is in Bellerose and listed in the Queens phone boook, or can google it.

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      I believe La Baraka is in Little Neck on Northern Blvd, not Bellerose.

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        Try Nelsons Grill. It's right next door to La Baraka


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          I have to say. I found La Baraka through this board and we have gone three times since. We went for my husband's birthday in August last. After we left the owner ran out and gave him a bottle of wine.

          The food is fabulous and the service is wonderful. You really feel great and want this meal to last forever. The decor is very interesting. The front room has many copper pieces.. mostly pots and tea kettles and well that's about all I remember after their great martinis.

          My favorite dish there by far is the hangar steak. It was truly amazing. I brought home the leftovers and my husband ate it cold the next morning. Now, I am not one for cold steak but I had a bite.. figure.. hey, I need a bite before he eats all of it.

          I will definitely return. We both felt we were eating there too much and decided to try other places but still.. we're going back soon...

          Do try La Baraka... and no, I do not work for them. Their twilight menu is a great deal.. It's the only time we've gone. We have a 3 year old and always need to hire a babysitter to go out and eat so the earlier the better for us.

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          This question is asked often and gets the same suggestions, but that being said, you should consider Conti's (Italian) Vespa (Italian) Peter Luger (though not exactly moderately priced) Kebab House (Turkish) and the aforementioned La Baraka (Morrocan /French). I forget the name of the Greek place just west of Fran Lew on Northern. Don't forget good old Donavan's for great burgers and beer. Enjoy

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            The greek place is called Mythos.
            Nothing exciting there.
            We went to Kebab House last weekend and had some tasty stuffed cabbage and kofta kebabs. We love this place.
            The Gnocchi A La Nona at Conti's is also worth a trip.

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              Hey John, as long as this thread bubbled up to the surface I thought you might like to know that starting 12/1 Kebab House will start serving a "Sultan" lunch buffet. Monday -Friday $9.99 and Sunday $15.99. I can't wait to try it on a weekday. I really like the place.

          2. I would recommend also El Coyote on Hillside Avenue and I think 178th Street. In the summer their outdoor patio seating in the back is very nice. Takes you back to Oaxaca, my favorite Mexican food destination.

            My only complaint is that they are inconsistent with their drink prices.

            On our first visit, which was July 2006 Saturday evening we sat out back and the margaritas were six bucks.
            On our second visit we went with another couple and our margaritas were seven bucks.
            On our third visit we went for lunch, my husband and myself and their margaritas were eight dollars.

            How you figure?

            But aside from feeling as though you got ripped off for drinks at lunch.. We are not 70 dollar lunch people.

            The lunch specials are not bad 4.50 - 7.00 but still the portions are small.

            I like their scallop dish cooked in garlic.

            and YES the chef and owner is Oaxacan.

            1. I found Mythos overpriced and unexciting, but Kati Allo (meaning "Something Else") on Francis Lewis has good and reasonably priced Greek food. They also have a nice outdoor seating area in the back.

              I've had the chicken entree (when I was still eating meat) and loved it, but they also have a stuffed chicken that's fantastic. The available sides with each entree are rice pilaf, fries or lemon potatoes; they're all great (and the fries are freshly made there - not frozen).

              The spanokopita and large, cold pikilia (which includes four different dips including tzatziki and taramosalata - Greek cavier spread - and skordalia) plates make fine appetizers.