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Oct 19, 2005 03:24 PM

Justin's Trini and Guyanese - Fulton Mall area

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I love this place for roti. It is on Leonard (or some L man's name) between Willioughby and Fulton. I have tried the goat and jerk chicken rotis. The roti skins are great - flaky, thick. The meats spicy. I put their homemade hot sauce on it to make it sing even more. I believe they offer delivery but have never ordered. For those of us living in Brownstone Brooklyn, I find it easier (and more pleasant) to get to than some of the Nostrand /Church avenue places. Heard about it via Sietsema - Village Voice.

I think the rotis are $6 and $6.50. The next time I go I am trying their curry duck.


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  1. I used to go there 1-2 times a week for lunch. However, now that I suck it up and buy monthly MetroCards, I now head out to Bed Stuy to grab one at Ali's (and also a doubles from A&A).

    That said, Justin's is very good for the location, and is certainly good in a pinch. When the pholourie is fresh, you got to get some of that. The T&T lime rickey soda is good, too, but I wish they sold Peardrax.

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      take pity on me - i went to justin's on sunday. and i walked as F wasn't running. IT WAS CLOSED. I settled on...on... GOLDEN CRUST across the street. filling not bad, but roti skin crap. may as well been a tortilla.

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        It also gets a shout-out in a great Masta Ace song,"Brooklyn Masala":

        We settled on dinner for two at Justin's
        The food was good, with no surprises
        we had the barbeque shrimps as appetizers
        We had the catfish main course, a few drinks ...
        then out the front door like Main Source

      2. Make that LAWRENCE STREET, IIRC.