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Oct 12, 2005 09:23 PM

Mrs Stahls FOUND

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My mother, who grew up in Brighton eating Mrs Stahls and turned her 3 children onto them has news!
She and my father have been living in Georgia lately, and were only here visiting the last couple of weeks, happened to stop in a deli in Mill Basin. A shopping Center located at Ave U and Mill ave has a deli that is selling Mrs Stahls knishes.
She questioned the owner, and was told when they heard Mrs Stahls was going out of business they bought the recipe. At least this is what she was told.
And by all reports ( my mothers) they taste as they always have. I will find out about this when I go to break the fast with the rest of my more observant family tomorrow.
She must have a nose for them because, there was no reason at all for her to be in that neighborhood

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    Professor Salt

    I've only heard about Mrs. Stahl's, so I'd be eager to try them via mail order.

    Please repost this news on the General Topics board if you find out that the Georgia source is going to sell them mail order. I'm sure other people outside of Brooklyn / NYC will want to know.

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    1. re: Professor Salt

      there is no georgia source
      my parents are here in bklyn, visiting this week. went in to mill basin for some reason, and found the knishes

      1. re: bruklinboy

        Are these knishes in Mill Basin, Brooklyn?

        1. re: Fleur

          We really need a first-hand account from your mother here, answering such critical questions as:
          1. Was she looking for knishes?
          2. What was she doing in Mill Basin?
          3. What does she think of the Mill Basin deli?
          4. How did the Italian knishes compare with the old Mrs Stahl's?

          1. re: Bill
            roz greenberg

            where is the mrs. stahls knishes store in mill basin. can u please let me know, thank u, rozzy6@AOL.COM

    2. Your mom's coordinates are a few blocks off from

      Mill Basin Deli
      5823 Ave. T (btw E 58th & 59th)

      an excellent kosher deli in a little strip-mall-like block. Could this be it?

      If so, you are in luck, they even do mail order:

      Link: http://www.pastrami.net/

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      1. re: bklynd

        No she says ave U and mill ave. bsides I know she knows mill basin deli.

        1. re: bruklinboy

          That is interesting. That sounds like the row of stores behind the Mobil station. Italian deli, I thought but will check it out today. It's definately not the Mill Basin Deli, that big blowhard would have signs up all over the place if he purchase the authentic Mrs. Stahl's recipe.

          1. re: The Condor

            Sounds like Meat Supreme, behind the gas station.

          2. re: bruklinboy

            bless you. Mrs Stahl (1885--1961) was my mother's oldest sister. To me she was just 'Aunt Fanny"--a very wonderful person who kept me in free knishes when I was a little kid. She was also a "Hands on" business woman and made the knishes working right alongside the other workers (including children, cousins, etc.) I heard that they are now made in New Jersey. A very savvy Italian guy bought the recipes and I have heard they are very good.

          3. re: bklynd

            Or, it could be Ave. N Deli on Ave N. and Mill Ave.

          4. Hurry,Hurry,Hurry!!!! My dad and i drove to the deli(Bagel Store) and what's in the front window. A sign saying "Mrs. Stahls Knishes BUY 2 GET ONE FREE!!" We picked up 4 potato & 2 Spinach. They also carried kasha.The only one that was missing was my favorite: the strudel-like cabbage. RATS!! Haven't yet tried them,but hoping for the best. Planning on heating them in the toaster oven, as i have found that microwaveing knishes tends to have an adverse effect on both filling and crust.

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            1. re: thesteiner

              Oooh, the suspense. Please be sure to let us know if they taste like the real thing and exactly where the deli is. Thanx.

            2. If anyone goes, can you check if they have the trays of cocktail size knishes like the old Mrs. Stahls. One of the great party foods.

              1. Seems to be Bagel Supreme (6220 Avenue U, between Mill and E 63rd Aves, 718-209-9109). Guy who answered the phone says they did business with Mrs. Stahl's for 15 years and got the recipe after the Brighton Beach shop closed.