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Oct 9, 2005 01:54 AM

Mrs. Stahl's knishes?

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Does anyone know if Mrs. Stahl's knishes on Brighton Beach Blvd still exists? If so, do you know the exact address?

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  1. I meant Brighton Beach Avenue, not Boulevard.

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    1. re: KnishLover

      I'm pretty sure it's gone as I did some fairly extensive research on this earlier this year prior to taking my daughter to Coney Island.

      Here is what I found. A few years ago, Mrs. Stahl's changed hands and the new owners started to de-emphasize knishes in favor of pizza. The knishes suffered and the pizza was worse and the place went under after that.

      Ever the optimist, I hope somebody can contradict this and report that the place is thriving once again.

    2. Sorry to report that Mrs Stahl's is no more. I heard a rumour that they sell to grocery stores now but I wouldnt count on it. Oh the horror of it all....

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        I can absolutely verify that Mrs. Stahl's is no more. It is now a Subway Sandwich Store! I live in Manhatten Beach & pass through Brighton daily on the way home from work.In fact just last night & encountered a lady from Bay Ridge who is presently going to Kingsborough Com. College & we were discussing how Brooklyn has changed.
        Anyway, it is sad to see it go as I grew up eating those knishes. Loved the Blueberry & cherry cheese.

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          It is true. Sorry to report. I made a trip in to Brighton Beach, while visiting family on Long Island ( I now live in Florida) to find Mrs. Stahl's replaced by a Subway Sandwich shop! Hard to believe, but true. They say, you can't go back. Sad but true. :(

        2. Frankly, Mrs. S's knishes were pretty much the same as Yonah Shimmel's. When they were right out of the oven (and cool enough to eat), they went down OK, but they hit bottom with a thud, after which the only option was sleep.

          1. I'm also a former Mrs. Stahl's knish fan. Since the Weingast Brother's sold Mrs. Stahl's years ago the knishes at the store haven't been the same. Check out Yonah Schimmel's located in the Lower East Side, 137 E. Houston Street, 1 1/2 blocks off the Bowery.

            1. It closed down Sept 29, 2005- I just tried to visit the shop in Brighton Beach yesterday!

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              1. re: Ilene Brody

                I heard it closed long before that. But the place people have been talking about recently (see is in Mill Basin, a shop called Bagel Supreme that did business with Mrs. Stahl's for years and says it got the recipe after the Brighton Beach shop closed. It's at 6220 Avenue U, between Mill and E 63rd Aves, 718-209-9109.

                1. re: Ilene Brody

                  I know it's been a long time since your reply- but you have the same name (same spelling too!) as me. And I also went to Mrs Stahls and was horrified to see they're now a Subway !!!