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Oct 6, 2005 11:57 AM

Restaurants along Broadway in Astoria

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I live in the Ditmars area and have exhausted every restaurant around here--would like to go out tonight to the Broadway are for dinner and a livlier atmosphere any suggestions for a good restaurant over there?

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  1. My recs:
    for Mexi: Viva El Mariachi (near 34th) or El Potro (near 43rd)
    for Greek: S'Agapo (actually on 34th Ave.)
    for French: San Souci (40's)
    for atmosphere: Cafe Bar (on 34th Ave at 36th St.)
    for diner: Michael's (near 35th)

    avoid Uncle George's: the food

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      Astoria Lurker

      Also good is Mundo, at 32nd? It's Turkish-Argentinian and very interesting. And Ploes at around 33rd does pretty good greek. Ponticello at 47th for great Italian. I second Le Sans Souci and El Potro, my favorite mexican in Astoria. North one block on 31st ave is Brick Cafe (32nd), Zenon (34th), JJs (36th), Himayala Tea (34th) and Cavo (43rd). All but Cavo are worthwhile in my opinion. This is a great area for food, explore!

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        babar ganesh

        last night went to mundo on 32nd just south of broadway for the first time and it was good. kind of a turkish / argentinian fusion, whatever that means. i'll write up a more extensive review later, but it's certainly worth checking out if you are in the area.

        also: los portales at broadway and crescent has great tacos al pastor and a great street scene.

        1. Broadway Area:

          Columbian: Tierras Colombiana is o.k.
          Diner: MIchael's is pretty good
          Greek: Romano's Famous is very good(Souvlaki,gyros etc)
          Ploes is also good
          Uncle Georges AVVOIDDD!!!
          Desserts: Omonoia
          Italian: Ponticello

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            I happen to like Uncle George's - the trick is only to get items from their bbq/grill menu. BBQ whole lamb is delish.

          2. Sac's at 25-41 Broadway, have the best thin crust pizza in Queens. I second Los Portales for their Tacos. Really authentic. ( check out my blog: )