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Sep 29, 2005 10:30 AM

Convivium or Rose Water?

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As part of his birthday celebration, I'm planning to spend the day in Brooklyn with my boyfriend and take him for an early dinner before we head to a bar to celebrate with his friends. I've narrowed my restaurant choice down to Convivium Osteria or Rose Water. Does anyone have any imput? He loves Mediterranean, Greek, Middle Eastern and Spanish foods and I think he would really enjoy a cozy/warm yet romantic atmosphere. Thanks very much!

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  1. Both restaurants are great but it sounds, from your description that Convivium might be the place. Its more romantic and the food is Mediterranean, one of the most transporting experiences in NYC.

    1. only went to convivium once and would not go back. all the dishes were very salty (and i dont like bland food, either...) and we dropped $50 each, which ain't cheap. that said, that's a minority opinion, people seem to love it and maybe i should try again. and from your comments about your b/f's tastes, their menu should appeal to him. rosewater is more continental/upscale american, and i find it quite good. but it's not in any way mediterranean-inflected. goodluck!

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        Interesting. I've been to Convivium twice, and was VERY pleased with the food both times. Been to Rosewater once, and thought the food was extremely underseasoned (and overcooked). However, that was two years ago, and the chef has since changed.

        I personally think Convivium fits the bill for marissa. Word of warning, though. Both times at Convivium, there were young children present.

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          LOL - exactly how does one avoid young children in even the most expensive Park Slope restaurants? Seems that bedtime is somthing around 12 midnight these days.

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            ..and truthfully, i havent been to rosewater in a few years, my comments were based on experiences when it intially opened. but my friend and i both thought convivium's food was consistently over-salted. i also found the non-english menu, in which the hostess sits down at your table to translate it, a bit pretentious. and memorizing the translations proved challenging -- maybe they dont do that any more though?

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              I think they have translations now. :)

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                thanks. guess it's time to try, try again, see what the fuss is about

        2. All votes do usually go to Convivum, but I do want to ask when you plan to go. It was just reviewed in the New Yorker (I think) which may lead to that thing that happens to restaurants immediately after a review. Maybe not but I'm just going to throw that out there as something you may wish to consider when choosing.

          1. With those attributes sought, Convivium hands down. Very Spanish/Portuguese type of food - heavy on the seasoning (which I like), while I find Rosewater utterly bland and in need of something.

            1. Notwithstanding the other posts, if you are looking for middle eastern accents, Rosewater is the place. Even its name indicates that. It started with a chef with experience at Oznut's Dish, with similar dishes. Though the chef has changed, the influence remains. Just look at the menu and see for yourself.