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Sep 21, 2005 02:32 AM

Sanford Restaurant - Astoria's best diner?

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I only recently tried out Sanford's on Broadway but have come to the conclusion that it is far superior to Bel Air and Michaels and the other diners I've tried in the vicinity. Their menu contains all of the usual diner fare along with exciting main dishes and a decent wine selection. I especially enjoy their wraps and paninis and the florentine spring rolls. For my money their breakfast is far superior to the very greasy diner fare that surrounds the area.

If you want to check out their menu go to


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  1. "Far superior to Michael's"? Well, it's certainly been a long while since I've eaten at the Sanford. And with good reason. It was a canned green beans and old reheated woody chicken wings kind of joint.

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      I agree..Sanford is not your best choice for diner in Astoria
      I prefer Neptune, where everything is made fresh plus, the have great juicy burgers and their seafood is very good

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        david sprague

        lived right around the corner from sanford for nine years, and thought it a few notches below michael's and/or neptune in most of the major categories (burgers, club sandwiches, hot dishes). sanford did, however, make an incredibly good rice pudding -- a dish that rarely varies all that much from diner to diner. theirs, however, was something special.

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        I swore off Sanford years ago. Michael's is WAAAYYY better in every possible way. Unless they've improved recently, which I suppose is possible.

      3. I'm with you. How did the Bel-Aire even make it to the best diner list? I suspect ballot-box stuffing. Anyway -- the Sanford is great. They've made substantial changes to their menu -- one could argue it's a little too fancy, but there are some nice selections, like the crabcake Benedict. The salads are huge and fresh, and the waiters are nice.

        1. funny how the same person posted 6 postings about sanfords, as far as im concerned, my husband and I have been going there for 3 years since we got married and moved to AStoria. Sanfords shouldnt even be called a Diner because their food is far above that even though they are still priced as a diner. never had a bad meal there andt he food is always good with a unique menu.

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            just wanted to update everyone!
            the sanford diner was renovated probably in 2007 and has become slightly different then what it was. After hearing a few good reviews i attempted to revisit after many years. The decor was very nice although i felt like i was in a sushi joint. My friend ordered the pulled pork sandwich and i had a burger. we also ordered fries (gross and very oily similar to BK) and a salad to share. the salad was good. the pulled pork had a very bad pig smell to it and lacked taste. The burger with swiss was very very good, (but for the price it better had been good). Also after leaving i felt like i just ate chinese food, you know that horrible MSG feeling. Maybe they use that for taste?? who knows.
            overall i felt for the food we had it was on the expensive side. i think you probably pay for the renovation which was well done but japanese themed (i felt) . i dont think i'll revisit. maybe for the breakfast?? not sure