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Sep 17, 2005 04:14 PM

Asian markets in Brooklyn? where?

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Where exactly is the cluster of Asian markets that have been mentioned on this board? Somewhere in the 60's? on what avenues?


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  1. 8th Avenue, but that's not the only cluster. If you're closer to Ave U & E 14-18 Sts, there's a smaller version there.

    1. The main Brooklyn Chinatown is in Sunset Park at Eighth Ave -- anchored with the Hong Kong Market at 61st St, with lots of fish mongers and veg places in the high 50's.

      There's a fantastic bahn mi sandwich place at Eighth Ave and 43nd St called Ba Xuyen. They also have baked stuff, spring and summer rolls, and a few groceries.

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        Incidentally, there is a relatively new asian supermarket next to the "Two Guys From Brooklyn" produce market, at 65th and Ft. Hamilton Parkway (ca. 9th ave?). It's much easier parking and less intense than HK market and environs, makes a great stop in conjunction w/ two guys.

        It's good for me, anyway, since I tend to get skittish at HK.

      2. it's not in sunset park, but if you are interested in asian markets, there is a gigantic asian market in bensonhurst on 86th street (i think between 25/26th ave). it's a great market, where you can find just about anything you are looking for. it takes up an entire block.