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Sep 17, 2005 12:51 PM

Wing Wagon

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I have meant to try this place on Flatbush for ever and finally did last night. My friend and I had the X hot and my husband the XX hot wings and they were EXCELLENT. I liked them better than Bonnie's, my husband still prefers Bonnie's. I liked the fact that they were crispy and very tabasco-y tasting, with a decent amount of vinegar in there as well, a lot of flavor as opposed to mouth numbing hotness. The carrot cake was great too. The atmosphere is certainly more takeout then dine-in, but its not a bad place to sit and chow down either. Next time I will try some of the different sauces. They now deliver also.

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  1. i've heard good things about this place. forgot about it actually. thanks for the reminder. nothing like good wings. have you been to christie's (sp?) across the street? yum.

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    1. re: lotsanivanh

      Yes, Christie's patties are great. Have you had anything else you are fond of there?

      1. re: Ledra

        nope, just the patties. i particularly like the veggie patty, although i am by no means a vegetarian. i will probably make my way to wing wagon sometime this week, now that you have me craving wings.

        1. re: lotsanivanh

          mmmm veggie patty on coca bread, one of the great treats in park slope. I don't actually care for their beef patties at all.

          1. re: pitu

            I was also underwhelmed by the beef patties at Christie's (haven't tried their other ones). The filling was too soupy, and the crust was kind of leaden.

        2. re: Ledra

          The coco bread is good for making French toast.

      2. Where on Flatbush is it located? Is it that place on the east side of Flatbush where 8th (or is it 7th?) Ave. runs into Flatbush?

        I will have to try it because Bonnie's is a hike for me; this place is closer.

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        1. re: Kenzi

          Its closer to 7th I think. Next to Mooney's Pub.

          1. re: Kenzi

            Its closer to 7th I think. Next to Mooney's Pub.

          2. The burgers at Wing Wagon also rock.

            1. I dont get the praise of this place - it is very spotty. the last time I went, to get wings for a large group, all the wings (a couple of kinds) were leathery and grossly overcooked - no tender meat.
              It was quite a disappointment, glad others have had better experiences, I am going to avoid for now.

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              1. re: jen kalb

                Jen, the texture of the wings *can* be on the tough side. I like tender meat as well (and usually stick to chicken breasts on those occasions), but for some reason I can handle my wings on the well-done side. And with that ridiculously hot sauce--seriously, the more it burns my mouth, the better--it's just a great combo. I agree that for a group, it probably will not agree with many palates.

                1. re: ninagirl

                  No sorry, I dont have any better suggestions for wings in the nabe other than buying a frozen bag down at Met and making your own (easy). they dont have to be shoe leather, and in a restaurant that cooks pretty much only wings, and given their prices, they should get it right.

                  1. re: jen kalb

                    I was disappointed by Wing Wagon after hearing all the praise. Although the sauce was appropriately Tabasco-y, it was obscenely salty. They also weren't crispy at all (maybe different cook on than the night the person above went).

                2. re: jen kalb

                  You are right, they are a bit on the tough side. But I find in order to get a tender wing, I have to make them myself. Is there somewhere else you would recommend over Wing Wagon? Always up for a good wing.

                  BTW, there is a dish at Geido with very juicy wings, which I believe are broiled and called salted chicken wings??? Its an appetizer, try it, you'll like it. I make them at home all the time now.

                  1. re: Ledra

                    Bonnie's -
                    especially if the short guy is cooking -- he is a heat wizard with the wing sauce, able to calibrate that heat to your every whim

                    The big tall guy is a great cook too -- I don't mean to say anything negative about him, he's the main man!

                    Their blue cheese for the Buffalo Wings is the bestest, and the celery and carrots are edible too!
                    Fifth Ave, Park Slope, they do takeout but not delivery

                  2. re: jen kalb

                    jen kalb, thanks for saying it

                    When I'm looking for that kind of tough but sort of nasty/delicious wing, I go to my local Chinese takeout and get them. Nice hint of five spice powder, nice cheap vinegar hot sauce bath as it comes out of the fryer for the second time.

                  3. Where have you people been? WING WAGON is the best i've been going there from 1994 to present the best xxxhot wings i ever tasted. Even my 1 year old likes the xxxhot. WING WAGON needs to expand but great where it's at. GO WING WAGON

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                    1. re: Rema

                      The original Wing Wagon is up in Watertown NY which has the one franchise on Flatbush. If you are going up to the 1000 Islands..stop and get the original.

                      Buffalo wings ARE SUPPOSED to have somewhat of a shoeleather consistency. Your hot sauce is typically Franks..but any cayenne vinegary-up-your-nose-till-you-mouth-waters hot sauce is good.

                      No rubbery wings allowed.