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Sep 13, 2005 06:00 PM

Searching for pizza in the Bronx...

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Live in South Yonkers, and have been thoroughly unimpressed with the pizza options in the area (Dom and Vinnie's on Saw Mill River Road is pretty good, but not great). Since my beloved Brooklyn (and Manhattan) is a bit of a schlep, I'm looking towards the Bronx.

Brick-oven pizza is ideal, but I'd settle for a place that serves a high-quality slice. Saw a couple of Riverdale pizzerias mentioned in the Village Voice and decided to check them out:

Salvatores of Soho (3878 Riverdale Avenue): The crust was chewy, but still thin and crisp enough. But the sauce wasn't tangy enough and the cheese was ordinary(they offered fresh mozzarella on pizza for extra $$$, I hate it when places do that, just make the pizza with the fresh stuff!)

Next up was Denise Pizza, on Knolls Crescent, near the Henry Hudson Bridge. But it's no longer there - it's been replaced by an Eckerd's, sigh... So I went around the corner to Little Italian Village Pizzeria, a hole in the wall place on Kappock Street. Decent crust, but overall pretty ordinary.

So help me out, please - any other slice joints in the Bronx woth checking out? (And yes, I will eventually make that cross-borough trek to Louie and Ernie's)

Oh, and anyone knows of any good brick-oven establishments in the borough, please feel free to share those, too.

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  1. bkylynfoodie- i'm sorry, no pizza recommendations. i lived in riverdale for many years and don't remember any spectacular pizzas in the area. i settled with joe's on bway and 242nd st, although not bad, nothing special. i liked their eggplant pizza. they closed due to a fire and not sure if they ever re-opened. i have other non-pizza food recs if you're interested.

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      Sure, I'd be interested in any good places in Riverdale or anywhere else in the North Bronx. I know there's plenty of Latin eateries on Broadway around Marble Hill and Kingsbridge, any of them good?

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        hey bklynfoodie,
        don't have any marble hill suggestions, but here are some for mostly riverdale and some kingsbridge:

        el malecon- yes a chain restaurant but pretty good if you've never had. i limited myself to the usual, so can't vouch for the food entirely, but i particularly loved the chicharron de pollo sin hueso, cafe con leche, and tostado. they're roasted chicken is supposedly very good. this is located at 231st and bway.

        cold cut city- deli with a big variety of sandwiches and salads and very good. they also have pizza (never tried). this is located on 231st on the corner of a street i can't remember the name but the street is between bway and kingsbridge.

        josepina's- i love this place. great italian restaurant. i highly recommend if you go here to order the flank steak. it's incredibly tender and very good. this is located on johnson ave between 235th and 236th st.

        cumin indian restaurant- i can't say enough good things about this place. the one weakness is that their appetizers are nothing special, good but not wowed by them. i love somosas, but here i recommend the banana pakoras for an app. they're entrees however are pretty outstanding and reasonably priced. if you love hot, they will make it to your liking. watch out when you emphasize hot because this is one of the few places i know of that are not afraid to make it extremely spicy. i loved the chicken vindaloo. also, their raita is probably the best raita i've had. this is located right across the street from josepina's.

        siam square- i haven't been here in a long time, but it was once my fav thai restaurant. i became close with the waitress who has since moved back to thailand and because i was a regular she gave us vip treatment and it hasn't been the same w/o her gone. that's not why i stopped going though. i moved. anyway, the food is very good. i absolutely love their duck. if it's the same as i remember there is no fat at all on their duck entrees and it's done very tender and just right. i also recommend their banana leaf (pandan?) ice cream. yum. used to have 1/2 price wine on wed, not sure if the special still exists. this is located on kappock ave.

        park place- don't wanna talk this place up too much because i haven't been here in at least 2yrs and it might not be the same great place i remember. one thing i remember i was extremely fond of was their scalloped potatoes. mmm. this is on mosholu (sp?)right off of bway and worth trying. slightly fancier but can dress casual.

        madison's- if you like park place, this is very similar to their sister restaurant, park place. located on riverdale ave.

        piper's kilt- irish pub. no guiness though. and they claim to have the best burgers in the bronx (but so does pauli's). burgers are good, nothing to write home about. i do like their wings here, which again haven't had in a couple of years, but hopefully still good. they might still have the 10cents/wing special, i think sun or mon night. this is on 231st street, one block east of bway.

        an beal bocht (means the poor mouth in gaelic)- food is good, not great but good. this is another irish pub. their soup is homemade and if you like brown bread they have it here. what i love most about this place is the live music. it's a small pub, but they pack it in when they have live music. used to have poetry reading, but i'm 99% sure it's no longer. this is on 238th street, next to that gross goodfellas pizzeria.

        one last recommendation, a place i never tried but always meant to because supposedly a great italian run family restaurant. can't remember for the life of me the name of the place, but it's in the shopping plaze next to stop n' shop on bway and i think 235th st. location sucks, being in a shopping plaza, but i got several recommendations to go there. i hear the service is slow, so if you go, do it when you have the time.

        well, hope this was helpful in your quest for food in the riverdale and kingsbridge area.

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          Thanks for the've certainly given me a lot to look at!

          I've been to the El Malecon on Broadway in Washington Heights, had a pretty good mofongo there, but it was very greasy.

    2. Louie and Ernie's is my favorite in the Bronx...worth the ride

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          And a third. I gotta have a slice there a couple of times a month or the cravings get serious. Try the homemade sausage!!

      1. Patricia's Pizza and Pasta on Morris Park Avenue makes a mean brick oven pie. It's a bit of a schlepp from Yonkers, but much closer than Brooklyn.

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          I second Patricia's - excellent brick oven pizza! Makes me wish I still lived in the Bronx. For non Brick Oven pizza, there are a lot of good options on Morris Park Avenue in general.

          1. re: onthelookoutinqueens

            Patricia's is not bad, but don't ever get their pizzas for delivery or takeout! They have focaccia bread that they bring to the table also, with a garlic/pepper olive oil that's pretty good (although sometimes they just have regular bread). I am partial to their alla arugula pizza, with prosciutto, although they have many good options. Their pricing structure is a bit confusing as well, as sometimes they will charge you to do a half/half pizza and sometimes they won't.

        2. Try Johnny's in Mt Vernon, and Coals near Albert Einstein in the Bronx. The former is brick oven, the latter is grilled over coals. Both are excellent.

          You may also want to try the Chowhound Tristate Board for Westchester recommendations since you're now in Yonkers.

          1. I would go over to Joe's Fleetwood pizza in Mt Vernon. They have outstanding Sicilian (real crust) and decent regular pies. Also, Johnnies in Mt Vernon.