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Sep 8, 2005 09:29 PM

looking for fresh lima beans in the shell in Bklyn

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or would even go to Manhattan, downtown - has anyone seen them in a store or the greenmarket recently. They don't have them at the park slope food coop

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  1. I saw them up at GAP greenmarket last weekend.

    1. Fresh lima beans generally have a very short season. They have been at the GAP greenmarket for a couple of weeks, but probably won't be there too much longer. However, when they're at that greenmarket, you can probably find them at the Union Square market or the one near Borough Hall in downtown Bk.

      1. Spotted fresh in the pod last week at the PSFC
        fresh limas, favas and soybeans/edamame
        I had dragontongue beans from there three weeks ago, and they were a huge disappointment
        (as huge a disappointment as a pole bean can be, anyway)

        sometimes they only get a box or two of something, so it can go fast

        1. Borough Hall /downtown Bklyn greenmarket has had them for a week or so. Saw them Saturday.

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            seeing them at the Park Slope Sunday greenmarket on 5th Ave/3rd St. - must be at GAP Saturday too - the other place to look in Brooklyn is Three Guys on Ft Ham - they will have this type of stuff in season, sometimes.

          2. Thank you all so much!