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Sep 1, 2005 02:24 PM

smoked fish?

  • j

I'm looking for a great place in Brooklyn or Queens to buy smoked fish like sable, lox, etc for a party.
Any ideas?

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  1. If you can make it to Brighton Beach, M & I International Food store stacks up well against, say, Russ & Daughters which is where I'd go in the city. Plus you can get nice black bread to go with the fish.

    I'll never forget how happy my middle europe mama was the first time I took here there...


    1. Homarus Marshall Fish Co
      (718) 894-1400
      6980 75th St
      Middle Village, NY 11379
      This is the old Rego Smoked Fish. They furnish the bagel bakeries and restaurants

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      1. re: CheckEsq

        When did the name change? Is it the same people?

        1. re: Suzanne

          Wish I could answer that

          1. re: CheckEsq
            Joyce Goldstein

            Interesting. The Homarus I knew was a smokehouse located in the Westchester area not far from Salem. I wonder if this is a city outlet they opened up?

      2. w
        Wanda Gorgonzola

        Acme in Greenpoint has crazy low retail outlet ahead for times/availability....

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          Acme is truly terrible, but it is sadly one of the only surviving smokehouses around.

        2. Brighton Beach has the largest selection I have ever seen. I love Russ & Daughters but I think the stores in Brighton has a larger selection of things I have never seen in this country.