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Aug 29, 2005 03:21 PM

cami restaurant on austin st. in forest hills

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has anyone ever eaten here? it just opened a few months ago, a little out of the way, nr. yellowstone blvd...i stopped in front the other day and saw an article that the chef is a four seasons looks decent but everytime i pass by the place is empty! this week they placed a 'buy one entree, get 50% off the second' sign outside...i do plan on eating there, just wanted to see if anyone else has any reviews of the food first...

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  1. Haven't eaten there yet but am looking forward to seeing your review.

    1. What kind of food do they serve? I'm trying to place it.

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      1. re: Janet

        "place it"

        Location - its right near the police station and the BJS drug store. I pass it by frequently on the way to/from subway - and its always empty.

        Also curious about the Japanese place near it - any good?

      2. I ate their several times when it first opened. The first time, I just wanted take-out soup and I could have raised a chicken from an egg and made the soup myself in the time it took to get it. Mind you, they place had already been open several weeks and there were only two other customers in the place!

        The food is basically pricey upscale diner food (I have to say I did have the best grilled cheese sandwich there) but I have NEVER seen such incompetent service- my order going to another table, 30 minutes for water, etc. And for months after they opened, they kept changing their hours on what seemed to be a whim. Now I just stick with Corfu or head down Yellowstone to Munch...

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          thanks for the report sheena. the service does seem very spotty and you're right sometimes i've walked by on a tuesday or wednesday and it's been closed. I actually wanted to stop by one morning for coffee and they weren't open at 8am despite claiming to open at 7am with a sign outside displaying their breakfast options. i'm really at a loss for decent food in this area. i really don't like munch, i feel it's overpriced. i also walked in there one morning for breakfast and saw about 20 chicken breasts in a bowl over the sink uncovered, just producing bacteria.

        2. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!!! I had some of the worst service of my life at that place, and a bad breakfast.

          1. Well folks, I think it's officially dead. But I have to be honest, the location was (is) a terrible one. Why they would choose a place so devoid of foot traffic is beyond me. At least if they were close to Bann Thai they could have pulled off some people with a second option. I haven't seen them open for weeks, if not months, and am waiting patiently for it to become something else.... maybe a bank.

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              yes, we could really use a commerce bank branch over there...