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Aug 20, 2005 10:02 PM

queens sushi

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any recs for good sushi in queens...

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  1. I was recommended Shima in Astoria, never been though.
    Mickey's in Forest Hills is not spectacular but it's friendly and you can get a decent sushi/sashimi combination there.

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    1. re: Kerry
      Astoria Lurker

      JJs in Astoria (38th st & 31st ave). Where is Shima?

        1. re: Kerry

          29-(dash)-13...When in Queens, hyphenate!

          1. re: Mike R.

            Yes, sir! :-)
            by the way, we Queensers hope you will make many more trips to our fair borough in order to regale us with more terrific food reviews!

            1. re: Kerry

              "Nay I Say" to both Astoria suggestions. JJs sushi is almost as nasty as the Korean Sushi on Broadway. I used to be a supporter of Shima. But I was there recently and was very disappointed. Cuts are smaller and tasted as though it was previously frozen (as many low end sushi spots do).

              I live in the Ditmars-Park area so if I want good sushi its "Over the Bridge and Through the Hood" to Haru Sushi we go. (UES)

              1. re: mrferrisbueler

                That's too bad. I got the Shima recommendation from a waitress at a terrific Japanese restaurant in the city, too bad it didn't pan out...

                1. re: Kerry

                  Really though, if your hard up for sushi in town Shima is your best bet.

                  1. re: mrferrisbueler

                    Queens is in dire need of a good sushi spot that has a properly trained chef, with good knife skills, and a knack for selecting fish, or finding a good fish purveyor to ship fish from hokkaido and tokyo.

                    1. re: Ricky
                      david sprague

                      perhaps just as importantly, Queens is in dire need of a clientele that's large enough to support such a spot -- and, if one is to factor in the ship-in cost, add "well-heeled enough" to that description.

                      not to be argumentative, but having lived in the borough for the past 16 years, i've grown accustomed to its strengths -- which are many -- and its weaknesses (of which sushi is about the weakest). frankly, i don't find it all that troubling that my daily walk down Roosevelt Avenue doesn't include a sashimi specialist or a bistro. i'm happy with what it has to offer me.

                      1. re: david sprague

                        I think theres a big enough Japanese population in Astoria, Elmhurst, Woodside, Forrest Hills, Kew Gardens, and Jackson Heights to support such a business. I mean for god sakes there is a Asahiya in Yonkers.

                        1. re: Ricky

                          Agreed. (We do have an adorable Japanese mini-grocery, Oishii.)

                        2. re: david sprague

                          one can always hope, no?
                          I just love finding authentic food in the darndest of places. Smack in the middle of Appleton, Wisconsin, I once found a fantastic Korean restaurant. I see no reason why we can't wish for the best here in Queens :-)

                    2. re: Kerry

                      Shima got progressively worse during the 5 years I lived in Astoria. I would definitely go to JJ's or Bai on Broadway for sushi instead.

                      1. re: tracyk

                        My experience as well. Moved in 11 years ago -- whoa has it been that long? -- and it used to be really good. Until about 3 or 4 years ago. Would get bad cuts. grisley slices.


                    3. re: mrferrisbueler

                      Haru? Home of the piles of pre-sliced fish, like they do with deli meat in the midwest? And you travel for it? You have got to be kidding. That's worse than staying in Queens and eating whatever nasty sushi you were grumbling about.

                      1. re: was

                        I would hardly say that a 10 min drive across the bridge to the UES is traveling. It would take me longer to find parking around Shima on Broadway.

                        I do however agree that Haru is not A+ quality sushi. But it is the priced reasonably and is 1000x better than anything around Astoria.

                        What do YOU suggest??

                    4. re: Kerry

                      It was high adventure, to be sure.

                      Today's Queens excursion (by F 'n' G train) to see momma included a nostalgic pop-in to Knish Nosh (had an ever-weakening potato knish...will have to try the new cabbage or "sweetie" special) and a lesser-than-usual prune danish at Andre's Hungarian.

                      Completely fell off the wagon!

                      BTW, Kerry...don't forget your Brooklyn roots.

                      1. re: Mike R.

                        It's very hard to forget my Brooklyn roots when people are constantly posting such wonderful news about Brooklyn food here! :-)

                        1. re: Kerry

                          Talk about roots...mine are Hungarian and now (grandma would be pleased) Knish Nosh has a stuffed cabbage knish...whoopee!

              2. re: Kerry

                Very sad to learn that Shima has recently closed permanently. Not sure if anyone can confirm, but the rumor in Astoria is that when the owner came down with cancer, he hired a Japanese bookkeeper who began to embezel money from the restaurant lasting a number of years, and this killed the business. Also, rumor has it that the last restaurant manager hired by the owner (a Japanese man supposedly there since 2004) was in on this embezzeling scheme, and really brought down the quality of the restaurant.

                1. re: Kerry

                  Some friends told me about a place with no name. Is this it? Also, to the original post writer, people have been raving about Ran in Forest Hills which I haven't tried myself.

                2. Mani-Mani on Northern Blvd. in Flushing has fantastic roles.

                  1. I like Watawa in Astoria. It's on Ditmars Blvd around 35th Street. The service is a little wonly, but I think their sushi makes up for it.

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                    1. re: CeeBee

                      I am shocked that more people aren't talking about Watawa. It is amazing!!

                      1. re: doona

                        Really, it isn't.
                        It's the best sushi I've had in Astoria, or elsewhere in the area.
                        But c'mon, there are dozen and dozens and dozens of places in Manhattan that are superior to Watawa, including many in the same price range. We have a lof of amazing restaurants in Queens that are better than their competition elsewhere. Watawa, while perhaps the best in Astoria and surrounding area, just isn't amazing.

                        1. re: MarcInSunnysideGardens

                          This post seems to be talking about Queens Marc. So relative to that, awesome that you agree. :-)

                    2. Sushi in queens is not so great but, when I have a craving, I order from BAI on B'way and 37th Street. The sushi there is fresh and pretty consistant. I would say the worste Sushi place is Wasabi on 30th ave and 34th Street Horrible!!!

                      1. h

                        I don'tknow what's going on over there now - but Lil'bistro 33 HAD a sushi chef on the weekends - unfortunately the guy went and opened his own place in Westchester. I bellive he's been replace - so.... I know all over this board it says to avoid lil bistro on the weekends... but maybe that's one of the reasons that it's so darned crowded.

                        aside: I think Go Wasabi is... fine, JJ's is okay... Bai is nothing to write home about (but I only had their sushi once)

                        And why is there another eurostyle cafe opening on 30th when we're obviously lacking sushi?

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                        1. re: hungryastorian

                          lil bistro is now doing sushi during the week and the sushi chef is bigger and better than before
                          the sushi is the best in astoria maybe even Queens
                          small place call ahead best time to go is sun-thurs
                          weekend the place is packed
                          they tell me brunch is coming soon

                          1. re: hungryastorian
                            Dennis Mannion

                            Actually, this place is volcano waiting to good a meal, with brilliant, elegant presentation and REASONABLE prices, as I've had a quite a while in NYC..sushi is fantastic! artfully presented, exploding with flavour...Crowded? No complaints, but I dont have trouble getting in.

                            1. re: hungryastorian

                              they do have a new sushi girl and shes' better that the other guy and they are now doing sushi on thursdays
                              I can't wait for it to be a all week deal

                              best sushi in queens will give some nyc places a run for the money