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Tempo Presto

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had the roast beef with cheddar last night before the storm...

great, great sandwich. thinly sliced roast beef, spicy yet sweet bermuda onions, great cheddar, on a toasted baguette.

i think im gonna order the cold sandwiches to go and just take them to work. beats the hell of options here in midtown.

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  1. I wholly agree. Does anyone know what time they officially open? It seems to be a nebulous time as sometimes I go by and they are open, sometimes not. I've tried to dally in the morning so I can get a sandwich before heading to work but that is hit or miss.

    For cold sandwiches I love the tuna/beans and the chicken/avocado. The red velvet cupcakes are to die for as well.

    It costs less for me to get a fresh sandwich from Tempo Presto than get lunch at some lousy Midtown McDonald's.

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    1. re: Erin B.

      you think the cold sandwiches will keep if i buy them the night before?

      1. re: sam

        I kept the chicken/avocado overnight and it was still very good the next day, no soggy bread. I think the key is to not get one with sauce on it. The ingredients they use are flavorful enough without needing extra condiments, I'd simply pick one that doesn't have tomato sauce or mustard. The buffalo chicken is tasty but a bad overnight sandwich.

        1. re: Erin B.

          Why not just ask for the sauce on the side then sauce it up when you get to work the next day?

        2. re: sam

          I ordered the broccoli rabe for lunch yesterday and the sandwhich was so big, I ended up taking the second half for lunch today. The sandwhich was outstanding both days - today the garlic really came through. No vampires will be bothering me here! (And none of my officemates will be bothering me either!)

      2. Ordered from Presto for the first time this weekend and had the food delivered to the Gate. Perfect drinks/light dinner combination and Tempo is so close to the bar that delivery is not even necessary. The group was impressed with the quality and flavors of the sandwiches.

        What we had:
        Lamb sausage on brioche bun
        Turkey w/pecan stuffing

        I don't think you can go wrong with any of the choices and that chipotle potato salad was a big hit. Loved it and can't wait to order again!

        1. i'm loving tempo presto! a&s next door makes some great sandwiches, but they're so slow sometimes....

          the buffalo chicken has been my favorite so far. the homemade "oreos" and "nutter butters" are fantastic too.

          1. i had the mr. crunch last night for dinner...its like an italian croque monsieur. the bread is fantastic as well as the cheese...wish there was more meat but it was good and worth it. i prefer the roast beef though.

            the nutter butter cookie is great and so is the potato salad.

            this place is such a keeper.

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            1. re: sam

              I had the Mr. Crunch a couple of weeks ago. It's a nice sandwich but nothing life changing. Pricey for what you get, or rather, how little you get. $2 more expensive than it should be.

              Ditto the merguez sausage sandwich. Nice, but slightly overpriced. Call it the Park Slope Luxury Tax.

            2. tried it last night.... brocolli rabe and tuna nicoise sandwich and the fusilli salad. the salad was eh, a bit too flowery for my taste. but the sandwiches were great. loved the tuna option without the usual mayo glop. and brocolli rabe and mozzarella - ymmm! how could it be otherwise? perfect dinner option while waiting for my clothes to dry at the laundromat :)

              and for those who are saying it is too expensive.... my partner and i got two sandwiches, salad, and brownie for about $21 bucks. how is that expensive for a takeout dinner???? i never understand this oft repeated sentiment (about tempo presto and other places as well).

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              1. re: chowdown

                "my partner and i got two sandwiches, salad, and brownie for about $21 bucks. how is that expensive for a takeout dinner????"

                Those sandwiches are smallish, better suited to a light lunch. If your appetite isn't big then I guess they'd work perfectly.

                1. re: Bob Martinez

                  Agreed - I found the sandwiches on the small side, particularly the muffaletta (I thought they were supposed to be really big - saw some PBS special on them). They could drop $1-2. That said, they sure are yummy.

              2. The make the best veggie option sandwich I've ever had anywhere.

                The SICILIAN CHICKPEA PANELLE (with fresh ricotta cheese, cracked black pepper, sun-dried tomoato relish on a brioche roll).

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                1. re: harlanturk

                  That's a classic Sicilian sandwich. Has anyone had the version at say, Joes of Avenue U and this one? I'd like to know how they compare.

                  1. re: Peter Cuce

                    As an aside, since I havent yet eaten the panelle at Tempo Presto (I have dinner res. at Tempo tonite so maybe I'll get there early and have one beforehand) :-), the panelle at Ferdinando's on Union is one of the only things there that I think is still good. Joe's is better, but Ferdinando's is closer by my place.

                    1. re: Peter Cuce

                      I'm so glad that somebody mentioned the panelle sandwich...I've had them at Tempo Presto and Joe's of Avenue, and love them both, although they are so different in approach that I almost wouldn't compare them. Tempo's is quite refined and graceful, while Joe's is so rustic that you've got to believe that the grandmother of Joe is back there making them. My only complaint about Joe's is that they put too much ricotta on it, but you can easily scrape some of it off.

                      While you're there....you need to try the caponata at Joe's, seafood salad is great too. And don't try to resist the gelato at Tempo Presto.

                  2. Ate lunch there today - I had the porchetta w/hot peppers, wild greens & mustard on an ciabatta roll and my wife had the grilled chicken, avocado, balsamic onions, cucumber and cilantro pesto on a baquette.

                    The best sandwiches in PS!

                    And they make homemade gelato on premises.

                    They are opening a 7th Ave outlet where the Carvel used to be on the corner of 3rd.

                    1. anyone try the presto cuban? now that's a sandwich!
                      also, the prosciutto and granny apple with fontina! both are hot paninis. haven't had a cold sandwich at tempo presto in a while but those rock, too. also, they're chipotle potato salad -- obscenely delicious.

                      1. Love the Presto Cuban, the Thanksgiving and the Broccoli Rabe. The gelato is to die for. Nice addition to 7ave!

                        1. and those homemade oreo cookies, and peanut butter chocolate cookies: those kill me. so good, so deadly. . .

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                            Wife and I had a Great dinner at TEMPO earlier this year, and when none of the desserts on the menu excited us, we asked if we could get some of the "Oreos" from Presto...The Waiters went to the back and got us 3 or 4 cookies for Dessert!...They are always "to Die For" Unfortunately, we were charged something like $6.50 for a dessert of 4 "Tempo Presto Oreo's".....
                            Oh well......