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Aug 11, 2005 04:04 PM

5 Front or Al di La

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My parents are visiting. We love Al di La but 5 Front sounds great. What do you think?

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  1. both are good choose 5 front considering my parents hate waiting for a table.

    ive taken my parents and my girlfriend's parents (seperate and together) to stone park and the place was a hit every time...good food, good service...perfect for parents.

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      Al Di La is so good, but I think parents might appreciate the serenity of the room at Five Front, plus being able to make a reservation is certainly a plus. And afterwards you could go to Brooklyn Ice Cream factory, or even just admire the view on that promenade area. Or, if it's early, even walk across the brooklyn bridge!

      1. I had the worst experience at 5 Front: sullen, lackadaisical service, "computer malfunction" (they forgot to put our order in), over-cooked food, bland pairings. ACK! I had looked forward to going there for some time, and it was overall so disappointing. The good things are: the space (outdoor garden is stunning and romantic), and great drinks. Our waitress was slow and avoided us the whole evening. I had an heirloom tomato salad that consisted of the top of an unripe tomato with unseasoned ricotta cheese glopped on top. the salmon dish we ordered came cold AND over-cooked (strange, since we waited over an hour for our entrées). I am sad to say I will not be going there again. Try Henry's end instead!

        1. for me, this is a no-brainer: al di la.
          go early to insure a table and if the main dining room is full, get a table at the wine bar, where the menu is the same.

          1. The food at Al Di La is far superior. The only drawback, as the OP stated, is the wait. If you go early evening, around 7 it might not be a problem.

            There are other restaurants I would choose over Five Front. I like Five Front for the Prix Fixe when the weather is warm and their delightful garden is open.

            I would choose Henry's End, Tempo , but the food and ambiance at Al Di La are outstanding.