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Aug 2, 2005 10:33 PM

Taco Chulo - anyone been yet?

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Is it open?

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  1. according to andrea strong's website, it opens on friday. i walked by on sunday, they were still working on the space. it's pretty swanky for a taco place. i'm worried about the prices. i have a feeling it won't be putting matamoros (or bonita) out of business, but i'm nonetheless hoping for good things.

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    1. re: bill p

      Actually, the prices look quite reasonable...

      i'll be there on friday!

      1. re: bill p

        This place sounds amazing..finally Mexican with good veggie options.

        1. re: DeeDee

          I was just as excited as anyone in the neighborhood that was looking forward to having a Mexican restaurant with a Tex Mex influence. I am from California and have been fulfilled by the best burritos you can find.

          The burrito I had from Taco Chulo HAD NO RICE. A California/Tex Mex burrito with no rice is like Chow Mein with no noodles. I would be ok with it if rice was an option on the menu, but it was nowhere in the restaurant tonight. The only time they serve rice is on the weekends during brunch?! The rest of the time the burritos are stuffed with potatos. The rice should be served all the time and the potatos should be served only during brunch, (if they need to even have that restriction).

          This place gets a C+

          Cafe El Portal in NoLiTa is still the best burrito in nyc because it serves a very filling and complete burrito (rice, beans, salsa, cheese and choice of meat) that doesn't leave a tepid half satisfactory experience.


          1. re: Laurea

            Well, you've been fulfilled by the best "Cal-Mex" burritos you can find. I get the feeling that Taco Chulo aspires to be a bit more pan-Mexican. I for one usually find it to be filler used to pad the burrito and dilute the flavor of the other fillings.

            Of course it's a-ok that you prefer rice, but it's not a universal in the world of burritos.

        2. re: bill p

          I went on Sunday. The fish taco was one of the freshest I've had and the guac was especially tasty. I recommend one of the authentic quesos con rajas, with Mexican cheese and roasted peppers, particularly if you're there with a group.

          1. re: bill p

            this was some of the worst tacos i've had in a long time, actually, ever since i stumbled into San Loco in the LES.

            definitely the wost mexican restaurant in williamsburg.

            1. re: bill p

              We just had dinner at Taco Chulo and had the best quesadilla I've ever had. Our fish and shrimp tacos were totally fresh. It was cool inside, on such a hot night and the cool carlito drink was inspired. Def. going back for brunch.

              1. re: bill p
                Albert E. Vogler

                The chicken burrito with chile verde--I had them add refried beans and jalapenos--is delicious. (The beans are so good I'd be happy with just a plate full of them and a spoon.) I've also tried the Nopalitos and Carne Asada tacos and they are excellent.

                Start with chips, the excellent guacamole, and the queso fundido with bacon. So good. And a pint of Dos Equis, of course.

                1. re: bill p

                  Let the California-transplant rice cultists froth at the mouth. While they're at it I'll continue enjoying the burritos at this joint. I like the innovation--you take out the boring rice filler and, hey, everything left is genuinely tasty. How is that a bad thing? Try the carnitas burrito. And whoever mentioned the refried beans is right, they're great.

                  Can anybody tell me what's in those delicious little cookies they give you with the check?

                  1. re: Anton

                    Pecans, sugar, butter, salt, unbleached flour, powdered sugar. They are called Mexican Wedding Cakes. They are like a shortbread

              2. Taco Chulo - we went this weekend and . . . 'ehhh.'

                We all know NYC is no haven for Mexican food, but even here we can do better on a regular basis.

                Their salsas are just not great. Tasted like powdered chile spice to me, not melded salsa from chiles.

                The chips and guac were fresh and good.

                The huachinango/fish tacos were totally unimpressive (fish seemed baked, and was a fine slab o fish, but not the yummy taco experience hoped for)

                Carne asada, dry and not 'asada'

                The rajas con papas . . . I can see how someone could really really like them, since it was a mess of pepper strips, but over all it just lacked subtlety without getting the straight forward delicious bang-for-your-buck of a Sunset Park (or Park Slope these days) taco joint.

                but if you live in williamsburg . . . ehhh! there's still better options!

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                1. re: pitu

                  Not a good place for mexican, the quesadilla tasted like it came fresh out of the microwave=rubbery cheese

                  1. re: cherry121

                    I have to disagree with the negative reviews; their guacamole is tight, the Mission burrito with verde salsa is killer and the hibiscus margs are mighty tasty (and strong). Not the best Mex in the world, but a great spot (especially for vegetarians/vegans) that I enjoy whenever I'm in the nabe.

                    1. re: PlomeekSoup

                      The food is not good here. Bland city. However, they do make a decent guac and they do a darn good margarita . Also, the owners/manager ladies are nice, so I sit at the bar and have margs, guacamole and chips, which is what this place is good for.

                2. If any of you hounds doubt this place, just order the tacos with seco sauce and try the marinated peppers . I think they are quite good. Bland? No way.