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Jun 23, 2003 06:35 PM

Pizza for pregnant women

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My wife is 8 months and 3 weeks pregnant and yesterday her head spun around 360 degrees on her shoulders (please don't tell her i said that). Isn't there a pizza place in Berkeley known for having pregnant women give birth the day after they eat this pizza? Look, I am desperate here. Any help in appreciated.

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  1. The place is Skipolini's in Clayton. Here's a link to the thread with some suggestions your wife might be interested in.


    1. I just heard about that pizza place too as my sister in law was crawling the walls and we were trying to figure a way for her to bring on the labor. Anyway, it turns out that spicy food generally can bring it on not just this pizza in particular. My sister in law gave birth yesterday..the labor came on midday Saturday..24 hours after eating a good spicy lunch.

      1. Spicy food and walking the hills in SF is what did it the trick for me. Good Luck.