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Jul 25, 2005 11:32 PM

Fantastic Queens pizzeria?

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I used to live in Elmhurst and there was a great neighborhood pizzeria. But they changed owners and everything went downhill. Now, I'm ready to call another place my favorite, but nothing hits the mark. Any suggestions, particularly around Bayside (okay if it's not)? Greatly appreciated.

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  1. There's one on Bell Boulevard, on the corner, a few blocks up from Northern Boulevard, on the same side of the street as White Castle. I'm sorry - I forgot the name. They have a great square slice, and their regular has a nice, thin crust and very tasty sauce and cheese. If I think of the name, I'll post again.

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    1. re: Justin

      Sac's Pizza on B'way and 29th Street. Thin crust...good sauce and not a lot of cheese.
      i also like Dino's on B'way on 30th

      1. re: alicia

        i was at vipizza a few weeks ago and a guy asked for a "square slice." i think everyone in the place gasped, and the vipizza employee quickly corrected him and asked if he wanted a sicilian. i thought it was funny that someone else called it a square slice here! i love it. :)

        but indeed, vipizza is great.

        i also like the "ghetto" pizza in flushing: xtra cheese on northern blvd and lucia's on roosevelt ave.

        but, my favorite, hands down, is nick's pizza on ascan ave in forest hills.

        1. re: Linda

          I dunno, Linda - I'm from Brooklyn, and believe it or not, a lot of people here call a sicilian slice a "square" slice. :)

          Maybe it's like the difference between belly bombs and sliders?

          1. re: Justin

            wow, i don't even know what a belly bomb or slider is!! :) that just shows you how out of the loop i am.

            if us queens folks got slices in brooklyn, would it be strange if we ordered a sicilian? ;)

            1. re: Linda

              Hi, Linda,

              Belly bombs and sliders are different nicknames for White Castle hamburgers. We call 'em belly bombs in Brooklyn, but I have heard them being called sliders in Queens, in fact in the White Castle on Bell Boulevard, right near VIPizza!

              Nah, I bet if you ordered a sicilian in Brooklyn, you'd get the right thing - a square slice. :) Just make sure you get one at L&B Spumoni Gardens. They make the best.

              1. re: Justin

                White Castle's have been caleld a lot more than just sliders and belly bombs. In the mid-eighties, I ordered both "ratburgers" and "rats with cheese" at the Bell Blvd. White Castle, and got what I wanted each time, the so-called hamburgers and cheeseburgers respectively. As you might guess, I was not sober when placing these orders.

                1. re: Captain

                  LOL! Not sober? Who *is* when they go to White Castle on Bell - especially on a Saturday night/Sunday morning?? :)

                  1. re: Justin

                    It absolutley AMAZES me that Franny Lew's Pizza Classica's Sicilian is mentioned no where on this thread nor Lucia's Neapolitan on Roosevelt Ave....

                    Good. More for me :)


                    1. re: lisa

                      should read more carefully! i did mention lucia's! :)

                      1. re: lisa

                        Marino's on 29th, Graziella and Matese on FLB, all good. Stay away from Pizza Classica, take it from someone who grew up with Italian pizza in Napoli.

          2. re: alicia

            Sac's pizza has plenty of's just hidden because they glop the sauce on top. And the sicilian slices (better, IMO) are ridicu-cheesy.

          3. re: Justin

            You're thinking of VIPizza on the corner known for years for their Sicilian slices. There's also good Sicilian at Fratelli's on 162nd, 1/2 block south of Northern by the LIRR tressel.

            1. re: Joe D.

              VIPizza! That's it! Thanks, Joe.
              (must be the heat - I can't remember anything today...)

              1. re: Justin

                VIPizza used to be my favorite when I grew up in Bayside - that was the late 70s , early 80s.

                Glad to hear theyre still around and making great Pizza.

              2. re: Joe D.
                Dennis OSullivan

                I'll second the recommendation for VIPizza.
                If you're closer to the LIE, try Brothers Pizza on the LIE Service Road @ 185th-186th Street. Best when it's right out of the oven, but good in any case.

              3. j
                John N. Knoesel

                Here's my story.
                Sicilian - Matese
                Regular - Graziella's ( They also have a nice neighborhood type restaurant next door )
                Which are both on Francis Lewis Blvd.
                We have also been hitting Marino's Brick Oven for a dynamite Spinach slice. They heap on the spinach which is cooked to perfection with a nice garlicky finish.
                One of the best Italian delis in the neighborhood is right next door. They are on Bayside Ave @ 163rd.

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                1. re: John N. Knoesel

                  I moved to NY from Jersey with great hopes in the pizza department. Totonno's, Nick's, Lombardi's and Patsy's have largely lived up to expectations.

                  But the places closest to my house in Flushing, like Graziella's and Marino's, are horribly greesy, dense and don't qualify as even average pizza.

                  For NY, they are shameful.

                  You could get a better pizza in Indianapolis than those places.

                  1. re: Mercury GS
                    John N. Knoesel

                    Hi Merc,
                    The question was about Queens pizza places.
                    While your opinion regarding my suggestions is fairly noted, do you have any tips for a slice in the Bayside area ?

                    1. re: John N. Knoesel

                      Sadly, I do not. I have been furiously sampling pizza joints in both Flushing and Bayside and, as I said, I have not enountered even passable pizza. This is a source of great frustration and surprise.

                      TJ's, Lucia's, Amore, Villa Rustica (bell blvd. in Bayside), Gigi, Fratelli's are all hacks making painful versions of the classic pie.

                      1. re: MercuryGS
                        John N. Knoesel

                        Give the sicilian slice @ Matese a shot.

                    2. re: Mercury GS

                      Whoa. Dude, the 'Indianapolis' crack is harsh!

                  2. Best pie: Nick's (Forest Hills)
                    Best slice: New Park Pizza (Howard Beach)

                    1. m
                      Mark in Bayside

                      I grew up near Amore in Flushing (not quite "ghetto") in the Pathmark shopping center off the Whitestone Expressway (Van Wyck) by the bowling alley & movie theater.... pretty good by my memory...!

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                      1. re: Mark in Bayside
                        John N. Knoesel

                        I stop there once in a while for a slice.
                        the sauce is pretty good but they cook the pie on one of those metal screens. Never gets that burnt flavor we are all looking for in a great slice.

                      2. In a pinch, I think that Jack's pizza in the Bay Terrace shopping center is pretty damn decent