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great bakery in SI

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Anyone know a good bakery in Staten Island. I usually go to Andrews in New Dorp and the choc icing was awful. Had such a fake buttery taste. And please don't recommend Alfonso's
Does anyone remember Poppy's bakery on Ralph Ave in Brooklyn. Loved that place

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  1. Cake Chef 957 Jewett off of Victory Blvd.
    They make a macademia coffee cake that is fantastic. Also, try the crumb cake or the appple horn. I ordered a fresh birthday cake a couple of weeks ago with white chocolate mousse and fresh rasberries that was wonderful.

    1. Beuino (sp) bakery on Hylan is a FANTASTIC Italian bakery. The line was over an hour on Christmas morning but that may say more about SI that the bakery. I learned of it by asking the guy behind the counter at Pastosa (the most amazing Italian specialty store, like compressing all of Philadelphia's 9th street Italian market into one shop... but this is another post, isn’t it?) where to get really great canolis. While he sells conolis, he sent me to Beuino.

      1. I just had some great pastries from Pasticceria Bruno on Hylan Blvd. in Dongan Hills.

        1. Alfonsos... Victory Blvd. the mini pastries are great.

          Holtermans on Arthur Kill for great sourdough bread

          1. For Italian, can't beat Buono Bakery on Hylan between Steuben and Clove Rd. - Been going there for over 20 years - wait till you see the line for the sfinge and zeppole on St. Joseph Day!!

            1. poppys was the best - especially after eating at connie's pizzeria

              1. Yes, I totally remember Poppy's on the right-hand side of Ralph Ave as we went from our house in Canarsie to my aunt Anette and uncle Abe's house in Mill Basin! :) It was set into a little strip mall.

                I remember we went there all the time for onion pletzels after a visit to my aunt and uncle. They had something else which was sensational, but I and my mother cannot remember what it was. What did you like there?

                Thanks for getting me to remember that great standby, Scott

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                  the little onion rolls for sunday mornings were the best. we would get the pletzls from the bagel baker down ralph next door to hy friedmans (wow does this go back!!!) can you even get a pletzl anymore? and if you know, please please tell me.