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Jun 29, 2005 03:04 PM

found: cute little coffee shop in Astoria

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My friend introduced me to a lovely little cafe in Astoria called Freezepeach, at the corner of 30th (maybe 29th?) and Ditmars (end of the N). It is an internet cafe, but not oppressively so, is comfortably furnished and has a nice, big selection of teas. I had TWO LARGE rosehip ice teas that were just perfect and refreshing and stored charmingly in big glass mason jars in the fridge. I believe that their coffee drinks are all espresso based, which I prefer actually, but I didn't really investigate so could be wrong. I also didn't notice whether they had any snacks, so I apologize for that. Anyway, I love this place. The server / host answered all neighborly inquiries as to the state of business these days in some form of "hanging in there" - so I urge all of you in the Ditmars hood to pay a visit and help it stay! It is the kind of sunlit coffee shop with nice staff-folk who let you linger as long as you want that people always ask about on this board. And it doesn't smell like mildewy coffee grinds like Starbucks.

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  1. I actually just went there tonight for the third time and am enjoying a mountain magic iced tea right now. I love the sage iced tea.. well, those are the only two I've had so far. The teas are lovely; however if you order an iced tea from the list you generally have to wait for it to be prepared, which takes 5-10 minutes (because he makes it on the spot- so you need steeping time and cooling time). This is no problem as long as you are prepared to wait. Tonight I brought a book to read. :)

    Something else I really like about the place is that it's open until midnight every day, I believe. I think the hours are noon to midnight.

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      I also like Freezepeach, but I wanted to point out that there's another little coffee place that's just opened, about five or six blocks farther down Ditmars. It's little, and they sell some books as well, but the coffee drinks are good and cheap, and they have some delicious pastries and other snacks. I had a great iced coffee and a cupcake last week. Plus some outdoor tables. It's on 24th and Ditmars. So if you can't get a seat in freezepeach...

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        The place you're talking about is Waltz. I went there today for the first time. It's a nice little place with a cool atmosphere (piano a definite plus), but it's definitely not cheap. A small cappuccino is $3 and they have slices of cake from Junior's for $6! I couldn't bring myself to buy anything there because of the prices. As much as I like supporting little indie coffee shops, that's a bit out of my range. People who regularly get the $3+ drinks at Starbucks will probably like it, though, and maybe every so often I will splurge there.

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          I too have discovered these two cafe's in Astoria and I must say that I prefer Freeze Peach to Waltz. Waltz has an interesting atmosphere but there coffee and tea is very lacking and their prices are too high for what they offer. I haven't been back and don't plan on it.

    2. Thanks for the honorable mention. Our name is Freeze Peach, and the address is:

      22-00 29th Street
      Astoria, NY 11105

      We're on 29th Street just off Ditmars.

      Open Noon to Midnight 7 days

      Starting Sept 1, 2005
      8am - Midnight M-F
      Noon-Midnight Weekends


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        Great place.

        Freeze Peach
        22-00 29th St, Queens, NY 11105