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Jun 13, 2005 04:13 PM

Manhattan to Douglaston

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I'm moving from NYC to Douglaston this week. Can you hounds please suggest anything good to eat in the hood? Any price any cuisine will do. Just looking for some options. TIA

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  1. Don't expect much , I lived there for 5 years and nearly starved for good food. One good restaurant is located at the Douglaston LIRR stop, it's Italian although the name escapes me. That was quite good.

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    1. re: Rolling Moon

      il toscano..yes its good indeed

    2. also conti's...northern blvd & marathon pkwy in little neck

      1. Here are a few:
        On Northern Boulevard:
        Sushi Family
        Il Bacco

        Nr. Douglaston Train Station:
        Il Toscano

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          It is not a great area for chowhounds but you have some decent everyday places. In addition to those mentioned you also have La Baraka, Kebab House and Greek Islands(I had a good meal there last night). Peter Luger is just down Northern. Luckily, you are close to all the great food in Flushing, Corona and Jackson Heights. They are all a short drive, and other then in Flushing, with easy parking.

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            Can you give us the 411 on La Baraka....been wanting to try it... French Moroccan, yes??? Quality? Price?
            Comfort Level?

            Thanks, very much.

            1. re: Wendee

              The best way to describe it is that it reminds me of the old french places in the theatre district such as Pierre au Tunnel. The interior is warm and cozy with farm implements and old pictures, white walls with wood trim. It does not try to be nor is it hip by any stretch of the imagination. Food is good, some basic french stuff and a few north african influenced dishes. I have never tried any of those, and usually stick with the basics. Good fish and lamb chops, nice side vegetables. The crowd runs kind of on the older side, the owners are warm and friendly. They have "early bird" complete dinners and lunch deals. I like it as a reliable local spot, quiet, and a break from all the Chinese and Italian places that dominate the area. They have been there forever, you should give them a shot.

          2. There are some good places in Bayside. On Bell Blvd there is a branch of Donovan's pub (of Woodside fame) for great burgers and shepherd's pie.

            On Northern, west of Bell, there used to be some good Greek-owned places, but its been awhile. Specifically Oasis Cafe on the South side of Northern(for frappes, cappucinos, Greek desserts, and a serious hang-out scene in the summer); Vivo on the North side of northern(Italian but Greek-owned), and also a Greek restaurant on the North side of Northern, a little east of Vivo, can't remember the name.

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            1. re: sunnyside

              Vivo is long gone - it is now Sushi Rock.

              1. re: Annie M

                Any idea on what exactly is Sushi Rock?
                It reminds me of the old "coffee and sushi" joint that was across from the Broadway train station.