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Where to find ostrich meat

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Dose anyone out there know where I can find fresh ostrich meat in the Bay Area?

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  1. i would try polarica... they have amazing stuff

    1. k
      k. gerstenberger

      "We also have buffalo, ostrich and venison. And in addition to the products on display, we can order special requests."

      Berkeley Bowl strikes again. Get ready for a long line unless you can hit them at opening and win the sprint to the checkout lanes.

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        I buy ostrich and buffalo at Berkeley Bowl, but you really have to hit them at the right time (ie, not 5 pm on Sunday) and the ostrich has been stocked much less regularly than a year ago. I haven't asked why.


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          I just got back from the Bowl (not too bad in terms of lines at 5:30 PM on Thursday). They have ostrich (leg meat, for $6.99/pound). Also ground ostrich patties. But both are frozen, not fresh.

      2. Polarica definitely carries ostrich. I'm not sure if you can purchase less than 10lbs at a time though. Here's a link. You can give them a call.

        Link: http://www.polarica.com/public_html/r...

        1. I've purchased both ostrich and emu, frozen, at Oliver's Market in Cotati in Sonoma county. Call the meat department to see if it's in stock.

          1. You can find it in Chinatown, if you look around. Within the past week I passed one of the butcher shops on Stockton Street that was advertising ostrich, kangaroo and other meats sliced for hotpot.

            There was a place on Clay Street called the "Golden Ostrich" which featured a variety of cuts of ostrich, and had an adjoining restaurant featuring ostrich dishes, too, but alas it closed a few months ago.

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            1. There is a shop called Golden Ostrich, on Stockton, I think, but last I checked they only seemed to have frozen ostrich. It was vacume packed though and good quality. Not much, if any, English spoken.

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                I think the store is on Powell between Broadway and Pacific. I am not sure of the name but I am sure of the location. I petty sure that the meat is IQF not fresh. I have had Ostrich meat much like beef but lower in fat and I have been told better for you. I have also gotten Ostrich meat at 99 Ranch. Use the neck meat for Chinese Herbal soups.

                1. re: Yimster

                  I wonder if that's where Golden Ostrich from Clay St. went. Is there a restaurant attached?

                  I don't know if the meat at the old Golden Ostrich was fresh or thawed; it was displayed butcher-shop style, unfrozen, in different cuts.

                  1. re: Gary Soup

                    Prev. poster is right, it's on Powell. It was there long before the Golden Ostrich restuarant. Don't know if related.

              2. I've seen it at Andronico's in Danville--you could try the other locations.
                The real question is--why ostrich? What do you do with it? Does it really have a unique taste or does it "taste like chicken"?

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                1. re: chowfish

                  More like beef, but leaner and healthier than chicken. Guilt-free red meat!

                  Link: http://www.ostrichesonline.com/meat/m...

                  1. re: Gary Soup

                    Can't believe you found a site called "Ostriches on Line"! Gotta love the Internet! Ok--I'm ready to try ostrich bec of it's nutritional value but how does it taste? And since it's super low in fat how do I cook it so I don't have to add a lot of fat to prevent it from drying out?

                    1. re: chowfish

                      It definitely needs moist-cooking or ke-babing. There are many web sites peddling ostrich and most have recipe sections.

                      1. re: Gary Soup

                        Eliza's on Potrero Hill serves a stir-fry Mango Ostrich that is very tender. They also do a garlic one. Jasmine in outer mission/bernal does a good Ostrich stir-fry too.

                      2. re: chowfish

                        Wow -- more than 17,500 ostrich products. (Eau d'ostrich oil, anyone?) When it comes to the ostrich as cash cow, I've obviously had my head in the sand.

                        Image: http://www.ostrichesonline.com/pictur...

                        1. re: chowfish

                          I've had it once.
                          It is definately more like beef than like poultry. Very tender when I had it.

                        2. re: Gary Soup

                          I attended a cooking demonstration and wine/food pairing of ostrich/emu a few years ago at the Cloverdale Citrus Fair. I was surprised to learn that these biggest of birds do not "taste like chicken". The meat is very, very red in color. Optimal cooking methods will vary depending on the cut you use. Think of it as ultra-lean beef and how you'd handle that - hope you like your meat rare.

                          My recollection is that the most successfull preps were the tender filet grilled simply and served London broil style with a wine reduction of pan juices, some teriyake-glazed brochettes, and an hors d'oeuvre of meatballs in a tomatoey sauce on toothpicks. The wine matches were more driven by the saucing and seasoning than the meat itself. I didn't like it with any of the white wines or the Cabernet Sauvignon. The sweetness of some of the sauces was fighting with the Pinot Noir. The soft fruitiness of Merlot and Zinfandel were good pairings, and best was the berryish Carignane.

                          Link: http://chowhound.com/chowmarket/index...

                        3. re: chowfish

                          Ostrich tastes simalar to beef but it is lower in fat and cholesterol then turkey.

                        4. Blackhawk Grille (Blackhawk, near Danville) used to have Ostrich on the menu. It was good, for Ostrich.