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who makes the best mexican corn?

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you know, the roasted kind w/ queso blanco, a little mayo, lime and chili?

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  1. Depending on your love of the mayo, there's a place on 5th Ave in the upper 40s that does it very well. However, it is absolutely covered in mayo and cotija. For a more realistically-covered elote I would recommend Cafe Habana Outpost in Ft. Greene. Haven't been there yet, but their branch in NoLiTa is great for these.

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    1. re: Lambretta76

      i love the corn at cafe habana...gotta check out the new branch.

      1. re: sam

        its great.
        i went there 3 times over memorial day weekend.
        they totally have to get their shit together, organization-wise,
        but the food is great.

    2. It isn't Mexican, but the corn side dish at Mekong in Park Slope is phenomenal. It's roasted with lime, scallions, and butter and just delicious.

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        I haven't had it myself, but supposedly Habana Outpost: Brooklyn is known for their Mexican corn.

        1. Maria's Mexican Cafe on Union has this too, very yummmy

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            just went to maria's for the first time last night. YUMMY! had the enchilada suiza (shrimp enchilada)and it was nice and spicy. and a pomegranite margarita to wash it down. i did order the roasted corn...but it definetly was lacking in my opinion. there was no lime and not enough butter or salt or chili. everything else was splendid though. the guacamole came out in one of those huge lava rock bowls. the service was good too. the outdoor seating a plus.

          2. VeraCruz on Bedford near N7th st. -- the corn is fantastic -- so are their frozen margaritas-- and they have a backyard.

            1. Thought I spotted a load of it at the Red Hook Ballfields last weekend...lots of white goop slathered on a whole roasted beauty.

              Or is it something else entirely?

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              1. re: Mike R.

                I'll second or third Cafe Habana or Habana Outpost in Bklyn for Mexican corn. Transcendent.

              2. I get my favorite elotes from the Ecuadorian cart on 82nd and Roosevelt.

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                1. re: JFores

                  Do you know if this cart is open during the daytime?

                  1. re: cmoore618

                    I know it's there in the afternoon. It's not one of those nighttime places.

                    1. re: JH Jill

                      The big question for me is whether the corn is roasted, or just boiled/steamed. Most i've seen from the carts are not roasted nor grilled.

                      1. re: HLing

                        You can choose. Just say asado. The Ecuadorian cart owner (youngish guy) actually speaks really good English and is a cool guy. He's lived in the area for 10 years.

                        1. re: JFores

                          Thanks! If I have that option, I will definitely seek it out next time I'm in the neighborhood.

                2. Bonita (two locations - Bedford btw S2nd and S3rd and DeKalb btw. Clemont and Vanderbilt) does a really nice roasted mexican corn. You always want four more after you finish one.

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                    Oh sweet mama. I totally second Bonita. I am a fan overall, especially for brunch. The corn is roasted, cheesy goodness. My bf and I recently bought lime mayo and tried to make our own, but it's just not the same without the grill.

                    1. re: MIMIBKLYN

                      I also dream about their fish tacos. They are so light and crispy!