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Apr 25, 2005 04:32 PM

Goat Roti in Brooklyn

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Craving goat roti tonight. Where can I get some in Brooklyn - not too far from a subway stop? Eat in or take away. Doesn't matter if Guyanese, Surinamese, Trini, Bajan, etc....

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  1. A little late for your post, but NIO's @ Church & Rogers Avs. does the trick.

    1. For good roti and good value try Red Mango on Nostrand ave (I think 752a) between park place and sterling place. They recently opened- i talked to the owner - they arent serving goat yet but will be soon but their chicken roti ($4) is really good or try their veggi. Also the buss-up-shut is good- if you don't know what it is- try it. its another version to the roti. Plus the place has a great atmosphere and stands out from the other restauarants on the block.

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        What selections of vegetables are available for the veggie roti? Do they homemade drinks available?

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          I had been curious about Red Mango and finally went there last week. I had the chicken buss-up-shut and I have to say that it was amazing. I have gone back a couple of times since. They aren't serving their full menu yet, but they have a rotating selection of dishes that are available and the people who work there have given me good suggestions (I have tried the coconut bake with smoked herring and the stew fish). They also have fresh juices and desserts. So far I have tried the carrot cake (it was very dense and moist) and ginger cake. The ginger cake is made with fresh ginger and is their specialty.
          The best part is all of the food is really affordable. I agree that the place definitely stands out from all the others on the block.