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Apr 25, 2005 10:54 AM

go to Georgian Bread

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this is a small shop on Neptune Ave. in Brighton Beach which sells excellent long loaves of fresh, hot bread, as well as cheese filled varieties and other prepared foods.

Virtually no english is spoken, but pointing suffices since the food is on display. We had a lovely dinner last night with delicious spiced pork ribs, heated up in the oven for a few minutes, the bread, a flat round with cheese filling (they also have one in more like filo dough with even more cheese) a long loaf, two different phakli, which are chopped/ground vegetable salads/pastes nade with a walnut and garlic dressing and eaten with bread. The beet was particularly delicious and I dont like beets. The exotic spicings in these dishes were really interesting - they use a lot of coriander and fenugreek, and fresh herbs, among other things.

MOre than well worth the very low prices they charge - for example $4.40 a pound for the meaty pork ribs.
Give it a try!

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  1. Their red bean dishes (lobio) are also very tasty.

    1. Their red bean dishes (lobio) are also very tasty.

      1. Thanks for the tip, Jen. I haven't been to Brighton Beach in a while. Do you have any other recommendations out that way?

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          no. But there seem to be quite a number of Russian restaurants opening in the general area of Brighton Beach - not all on BBAvenue. For example, driving down Neptune between Coney Island and W8th (where the F Neptune Ave Station is, anyway) I saw a couple other large Russian places. There are surely a lot more explorations to be done in those parts of outer Brooklyn.

          The fruit and veg markets of BBAve are good and about the cheapest anywhere, and several of the Russian stores have extensive prepared food and cured and smoked meat and fish offerings. But any specific reccs from me would be out of date.

          I have seen posts about Pirosmani (sp) and walked by a smaller Georgian Restaurant just off Brighton on one of the streets going over to the Boardwalk. The weekend lunch at Primorski continues to be a major deal - get some of their fresh baked bread and orderthe georgian lamb or chicken dishes.

          ps - on Shell Rd, just south of Ave X, I drove past a catering hall called Orion (this was Sunday afternoon)
          Out in front, there was a lovely circle of women dancing, to an accordion. Many of them wore extremely voluminous white satin dresses/pants gathered at the ankle - the effect of the dancing was rather cloudlike and floating. I have no idea what ethnicity these people were - central asian, maybe? Brooklyn is fascinating.

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          Sounds great. Where on Neptune might this be?

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            I seem to have misplaced the card - but its in a small commercial strip a few blocks E of Ocean Parkway - on the n. side of the street.

            1. re: jen kalb

              Georgian Bread is at Neptune Ave/Brighton 6 St

            1. re: bigjeff

              Unless things have changed recently its takeout - a bakery with a big tandoor-type oven in the back space and some prepared foods in the fron.

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                def not sit down but oh so worth it.

                some pics of awning, bread, and spreads here: