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Apr 23, 2005 09:05 AM

Brooklyn Dim Sum

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Can anyone recommend a dim sum spot in Brooklyn? I am having a massive craving.

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  1. Everyone's current fave:
    WORLD TONG - 18th Avenue & 62nd Street (Bensonhurst)

    Other notable:
    SUN MING GEE - 62nd Street & 6th Avenue (Bay Ridge/Sunset Park)

    Go early for best selection and less waiting time.

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    1. re: Mike R.

      anyone know how early the carts start coming out sunday mornings @ world tong?

      1. re: mackey

        Sign said they open at 7:30

      2. re: Mike R.

        Thanks for the tip - We went to World Tong this morning and loved it. Turns out they were already packed by 10:30 - but we only waited 10 minutesto get seated - we shared a table with 2 other parties.

        The place was hectic but the food was good and the staff was patient about explaining things to me in English. I loved the duck - crispy and fatty skin, tender and tasty meat. Definitely a good meal ata good price- three of us stuffed ourselved for 40 bucks.

        1. re: Richie Rich

          Went to Sun Ming Gee today with a party of 8, including one Taiwanese friend who kept things moving and got the carts that we wanted to us quickly. I'd never been there and recommend it for standard fare done very well. Overall, I love World Tong more because the offerings are very, very different and I love the inventiveness and creativity at WT. At WT, I would have filled up on more non-standard dishes, with many eggplant & other veggie combos, with mutant chicken feet and fish parts, with tripe done 3 ways, with durian (actually only one of my friends eats that stuff)... well you get the idea. Here at SMG, I filled up on delicate shrimp, pork and shrimp/pork combo. dumplings with light wrappers, on excellent clams with black bean sauce, and on flavorful bean curd wrapped pork and basic tripe with ginger, hot peppers and garlic. Only a dish of pigs feet/knuckles in a very tangy broth with tons of spicy, fresh ginger (large slices) and a hardboiled egg was a little out of the ordinary.

          I like this place a lot. It's a large 2 floor dim sum palace (we sat downstairs) and is much better than anything I've had in lower Manhattan's C'town. But, in general, I can be found in World Tong more often.

          1. re: Steve R

            Ive liked the dim sum at MIng Gee too - I just found that they tended to stick us in corners - we had to range around to get the fresh hot dim sum - but when you get it, its good.

            Daughter and friends enjoyed their meal at World Tong last week so I think its still on.

          2. re: Richie Rich

            Glad to hear it. There were some reports that there was some slippage in quality at WT and I didn't want to believe it.

            1. re: prunefeet

              Does Brooklyn's chinatown have more cantonese offerings compared to Flushing's? Also, are there many/any grocery stores in Brooklyn, and how's the parking situation?

              1. re: Chownut

                brooklyn can't be said to have a chinatown per se. the sunset park area is close to a chinatown but it's much smaller than flushing or manhattan chinatown (probably 7 or 8 blocks on a single avenue, i'd say). is there something else down near avenue U, or is that other-asian. also -- world tong is nowhere near either of these places.

        2. i'd disagree with you...brooklyn most certainly does have a chinatown.

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          1. re: redgirl

            Right. Haven't been to the Ave U one, but the sunset park one is certainly a chinatown.

          2. I'd try Joy K for Dim Sum any day on 65th St. It was recommended to me on this board and was a definite hit with the fam.
            My inlaws live by Asian stretch of Ave U and there are plenty of good places, the best of which is a Malaysian spot off CIA.
            And I'll make another pitch for Richard Yee's for any new board members. It's near Bedford and Ave. U and worth the trip just to check out its Rat Pack-style lounge.

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            1. re: eglazarev

              That Malaysian spot, Laksa house is pretty bad if you are expecting Malaysian food. But maybe there is something else they do well. What do you like there?

              Can you tell where on 65th Joy K is?

            2. Joy K is on 65th St. near W. 9th St. I think. It also falls between Avenues O and P somehow. I called them to get directions, there actually great for pickup cause the portions are so big.
              As for Laksa, I guess I sampled the various appetizers. The chicken satay and coconut shrimp seemed good but maybe someone with a more discerning palate for Asian food would know better. I really haven't had Malaysian that often. It seemed a bit milder than Thai.