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Northern Manor (Little Neck)

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It's official. Flushing has fully extended itself all the way east on Northern Blvd to Little Neck with the opening of Northern Manor. This is an authentic chinese restaurant that just opened. I haven't tried it yet but it looks real interesting. They have dim sum...in Little Neck! (see below) Can't wait to try it.

Northern Manor
251-15 Northern Blvd.
Little Neck, NY 11362
(718) 281-1500

Image: http://s92403220.onlinehome.us/wsc924...

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  1. Well, it's in my neck of the woods so I'll be trying it soon. I'm just trying to picture where exactly it is......?

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      Richard Halpern

      It's on the north side of Northern Blvd. I believe it took over the old Zen Pavilion location.

      1. I've eaten there about 5 or 6 times; never had a bad dish. The dim sum is delish; the regular dishes are also.

        I'm especially happy not to have to shlep to Flushing for authentic chinese.

        Little neck has a few very fine places to dine now. I'm glad.


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          When do they do dim sum? Everyday? Sunday brunch? I'm also nearby - what else do you like?

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            I think dim sum is only on weekends, until lunch time. The selection is excellent. I've also ordered from the regular menu and had some tasty dishes. There is also another menu that I've scanned, but it had mostly the Chinese delicacies that I would never try......use your imagination.

            This is, as far as I know, the only authentic chinese restaurant in my area. There are others in Flushing that are very good, but now this one is only 5 minutes away! It highly appeals to my lazy quality.


        2. ...Yes, I have also heard that NORTHERN MANOR IS AMAZING...friends have reported long waits for tables on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I live in the heart of Flushing so I may not get there anytime soon.

          1. I totally agree that Northern Manor is worth it and probably the most authentic Dim Sum you'll find in Little Neck for now.

            Its best to get there earlier (11:00-11:45) to really avoid the crowds that might populate there during the weekends. Definitely recommended either way.

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              It's mobbed on weekends. Be prepared to wait. Worth the wait too. The dimsum is delicious.

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                They offer Dim Sum on weekdays as well- at least on Wednesdays. I tried last week. It was OK. The spare rib black bean was no good (tough meat, watery sauce, no flavor) and the wrapped and stuffed tofu skin fell apart in a bad way. The little fish cakes were pretty good and the shrimp dumplings not bad. They have some nice looking fish tanks there with all sorts of tasty looking critters. I'm wondering how well they do seafood entres...

              2. If you are thinking about trying it, STAY AWAY.
                Had dinner there with a party of 4 on a sunday nite. Waiter who took our order was very rude - kind of "shut us up" before we were even done ordering with a brusque, "that's it". We then proceeded to wait for over 40 minutes after we placed our order, asked our waiter to check on the food, asked the manager to check on the food after the waiter deliberately chose to not follow-up with us on status. Note that the owner of the restaurant was standing right by our table the entire night so it was abhorrent that he "didn't notice" that we sat at our table for such a long time with no food. Also note that a larger table next to us, who ordered 20 minutes after us got served first.
                No apology, let alone reason was given to us for why it took so long. We were long time and frequent patrons of the restaurant, but no more.

                It is advised that people stay away. You do not need the hassle for Chinese food that isn't that great (our shrimp with garlic was overcooked, tasteless and the shrimp they used were tiny frozen ones - the presentation was horrible - looked like a 6th grader put the dish together - and our beef with preserved mustard green was half the size that the dish is usually (we know because we had ordered it on multiple occasions). Save yourselves the hassle and incompetence and go to Flushing for better quality and service overall.

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                  I think you had a bad experience; unfortunately, it happens. I always ask for my favorite waiter when I am at Northern Manor. We like him because instead of perusing the menu, we ask what's delicious in the kitchen that day and he usually comes up with great ideas.

                  We were there a couple of weeks ago and he suggested the peking duck. I thought that had to be ordered a day in advance, but nooooooooo it was available right then and there. It was delicious too.

                  Also, I've had shrimp dishes there. They usually dig the shrimp out of one of the tanks in the bank. Very fresh.

                  Just because a restaurant is in Flushing doesn't mean it's great.

                  I urge you to try again, since you already know what this place can do.


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                    I just went to dinner here this last weekend and I have to say it ranks near the top of Cantonese restaurants in the NY area. They got a good variety of dishes and the portion size is large. The dishes are just a little more expensive but I think its worth it in terms of the quality of the ingredients you get...very fresh. Definitely will go back and try the Spicy Crabs Causeway Bay style.

                    Canpoy White Fried Rice
                    Eggplant, Scallop, Shrimp Casserole
                    Kwai Fish
                    Buddha's Delight

                  2. Had dinner at Northern Manor last night with a large group. It was my first time there. Two of the highlights of the meal are:

                    Soft Shell Crabs
                    There was a sign on the door stating that they have 2 soft shell crabs for $13. It was 2 big crabs deep fried and served with deep fried garlic pieces and chili pepper slices (not enough to make it spicy). The crabs were really big. I don't know enough to tell whether they were fresh or frozen.

                    Crab with Sticky Rice
                    It was $23/lb for the crab (the crabs were 2 to 2.5 lb each) and $5 for the sticky rice. I liked this version slightly better than the version in Happy Garden in Flushing. Here, the rice was just right. Not too hard and not too soft. It was also the last dish to reach the table, which is a good thing since it means that they didn't take any shortcut with cooking the dish.

                    Not every dish was good. Two so-so dishes were a tofu dish (kind of like tofu in oyster sauce) and a fried noodles dish. But overall, the meal was very good.