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Apr 22, 2005 01:07 PM

birthday cakes

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Any recommendations for a fabulous birthday cake in Brooklyn (Cobble Hill area, but will travel)? Flavors are not important, I just want it to be fresh and hopefully without vegetable shortening.

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  1. I highly recommend JollyBe. The baker is a former art conservator and she makes unbeleiveably gorgeous cakes. She's located in park Slope - bakes from home and will deliver to you.

    Some other suggestions: Sweet Melissa (Cobble Hill area), Cake Man Raven (Fort Greene), Two Little Red Hens (Park Slope).



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    1. re: Louise

      Definitely Marquet Patisserie on Court Street (and Warren, in Cobble Hill). Not as fancy as that photo from JollyBe Bakery, but they are delicious and use fresh ingredients including butter, of course. I also think their products are very reasonably priced. I actually thought that Two Little Red Hens wasn't as good as everyone said they were. Sweet Melissa is good, but I think too expensive.

      1. re: bjax

        There is also a Marquet Pattiserie on Fulton Street and South Portland Avenue in Fort Greene a few door down from Cake Man Raven.

      2. re: Louise

        I agree that if you want a very pretty, fancier layer cake, the bakeries mentioned, Cake Man Raven, Sweet Melissa, and Little Red Hen are all great choices.

        But if you want an inexpensive sheet cake, I got a perfectly good one at Monteleone's, one of those feeds 25 people for $36 bucks cakes. Not too sweet or heavy. They give you extra add-on choices like fruit filling or buttercream frosting, and you can ask them if they use veg shortening. Free writing on top, with flowers, but nothing fancy.

        1. re: Louise

          This (JollyBe) is very impressive, but it bothers me that the cakes don't look remotely edible (though I'm sure they are).

          Marquet's cakes, by contrast, look like something you'd really want to sink your teeth into, not like a piece of majolica or stained glass.

          I specially endorse the Fraisier, which is also perhaps their prettiest cake.

          1. re: Sir Gawain

            JollyBe provided a cake for an evnt i did and it was as delicious as it was beautiful. we had cakes from Raven and Red Hens too, which were also great, but the JollyBe one seemed to be everyone's favorite!

            1. re: louise

              I'm sure the cakes taste great.

              It's not their fault they reminded me of this bit o' reading...


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          I would also recommend the dominican cakes from Sunset Park.

          Cakes filled with guava / pineapple, other fruit fillings for cheap and always a crowd pleaser.

          the place we go to is: La Gran Via Bakery, 4516 Fifth Avenue, between 45th & 46th streets. They usually have a website but it is busted right now.


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            Sugar Cookie

            Thank you for your recommendations. I ordered a cake from JollyBe and it was wonderful, fresh and delicious.

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              1. Next time check out Mrs. Maxwell's on Atlantic Avenue near Pennsylvania.