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Apr 15, 2005 01:17 PM

best unusual brunch in park slope?

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i feel like most restaurants i've been to basically have the same brunch menu: eggs benny, huevos rancheros, some mystical fruit pancake or waffle, maybe a salad or panini. and those are all good but it seems like it's the same fare from place to place. are there any restaurants in park slope that go above and beyond the call of duty? i like cocotte's brunch a lot, 2nd street's and dizzy's is ok too. haven't been to applewood or rosewater for brunch. i'm looking for a really interesting and different brunch menu...not the run-of-the-mill eggs and coffee.

any suggestions?

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  1. I believe Coco Roco (the Peruvian place on 5th ave) has a brunch - that might qualify. I've never been, but love the place for dinner.

    Applewood's brunch gets high marks from me despite merely decent bloody marys (I demand excellence) because they have the best bacon i've ever had in my life. Better than Luger's.

    Cafe Steinhof has a great brunch. I like the farmer's dumplings with wild mushrooms. Top notch bloody marys as well.

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      Yeah, they make their own ketchup, but who cares if it sucks (as it does). What's wrong with Heinz?

      1. re: paulinalake

        who makes their own ketchup ? I have never heard of anybody doing that.

    2. GOTO ROSEWATER ASAP! they make their own ketschup! that is beyond the call of duty. also they use strange and exciting ingredients.

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        rosewater makes the best brunch in ps. get the salt cod cakes w/ poached eggs. excellent.

      2. I am personally not crazy about rosewater. But it's been a while since I've been there.

        I would go to beso on 5th and union for something different-- (make sure to get the thick bread with the mango jam and dulce du leche). The decor is kind of a turnoff and so i didn't go in there for a while, but when I did, i was surprisingly pleased. There is also a place on Flatbush called Prospect Cafe that serves interesting dishes (still eggs, mind you) called Eggs Cubano (and their huevos is actually quite good).....

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          I second Beso. Atmosphere is definitely lacking, but we've never had a bad brunch there. Our favorite is the Mangu Con Huevos. It's a shimp and plaintain cake topped with a poached egg and chili hollandaise. Also the Latin Eggs Benedict is good (on a yuca cheese muffin with chorizo). Specials are consistently good. Last weekend I had a salmon/chorizo cake that was outstanding. Very fresh juices as well (favorite is the watermelon or strawberry).

          1. re: Ralphus

            Also a huge fan of Beso for brunch. I like Rose Water, too.

            1. re: Ralphus

              I love Beso's brunch but the wait can get long and the service is seriously the worst service in Brooklyn. I've had servers actually sit down at tables that their friends are at and chat for awhile--and we'd been there for 15 minutes!

              It's so irritating.

              Try Bogota instead. (5th and St. John?) They have some really interesting choices.

              I like Stone Park too...the oysters and eggs with white cheddar is delicious and I've never seen it too busy.

            2. re: peter carey

              I have tried Rosewater on several occassions - always hoping that my experiences there will get better - and always disappointed. The food is overpriced, the waitstaff leaves much to be desired, and it just doesn't taste that good. Definitely not somewhere worth going out of your way to.

            3. Stone Park CAfe has a great brunch with different dishes. I had eggs with fried oysters (pictured in New York Magazine this week). It was delicious.

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              1. re: Irving

                Just a word about Stone Park Cafe and weekend brunch ... calling ahead might be a good idea. We arrived about 1:00 on Sunday and there were 12 names on the wait list, and those people were waiting for phone calls from the restaurant to learn that a table was about to become available. The anticipated wait was 30 minutes, but it was obvious that it would be longer.

              2. Santo Palo. Very Unusual. I have had tiny tortias, an avacado salad, roasted banana, mushroom soup and all fantastic. my vegan friend loves it and it ws my idea. the place is beautifiul and defeinitely difereent. the tables alone inspire lust. Think of it as a tapas breakfast however. order a few small things taht intregie you. - is it brunch, really? well there are some eggs, but it is very very good, fresh and unusual.

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                1. re: ceasar11

                  ugh...i hated my meal at palo santo...not interested in starting off my day there.

                  as for brunch, applewood was quite good...i thought their veal hash and eggs were great. also worth checking out, cheryl's global kitch 2 blocks from grand army, as well as beast.

                  im not a fan of rosewater's brunch but yes, its certainly different.

                  1. re: sam1

                    Sam, I know where you're coming from regarding Palo Santo but I decided to give them another try and was pleasantly surprised at the end of my second meal. My first time was during Brooklyn Restaurant Week and it was just horrid... but I've found that restaurants suck during that week, so you can't really judge them. Second time, it was for an early dinner at the bar. Sit at the bar, it's fun watching the open kitchen and easier to flag down those servers who sometimes tend to disappear. Third time was brunch in the back room. Try the mimosa, it's made with freshly squeezed orange juice. Anything that comes in their handmade tortillas is good (tacquitos and quesadillas, especially.) They use fresh, authentic ingredients all around their menu. And it all tastes great! For me, there will be a fourth visit to Palo Santo and many more afterward.

                  2. re: ceasar11

                    I second ceasar11. Palo Santo is excellent for brunch. Definitely hit Rose Water too. i has a sardine omelette there a while back that redefined sardines! Even though it's not brunch officially Havana outpost in Fort Greene has a great vibe and frozen mojitos.