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Apr 14, 2005 10:05 PM

Peter Lugers........Great Neck vs Brooklyn?

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Would appreciate any input from Hounds...How does the Great Neck location stack up compared to original?


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  1. Been ages since I went to Great Neck, but it just does not have the same atmosphere. Call me wierd, but I like that beer hall stuff and the bit of rowdiness that you get in Brooklyn.

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    1. re: Captain

      i like the brooklyn one better as well, but, i could do less with all the suits, and ties, brokers, young loud boys, who just came into a few bucks, its way old that act

    2. No question: Brooklyn. Atmosphere aside, I find the steaks far superior in BKLYN.

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      1. re: carfreeinla

        Erica and others are absolutely correct that it's the same meat. Bought the same, aged the same, everything the same. I am 1000% sure of that. Now, here's the thing.... you and I and many others that I know all swear that it tastes better in Bklyn. I think it's the overall gestalt of the place but it may well be the aged ovens, the specific grill chefs or a # of other variables. But, as Marty Markowitz (our borough President) says "it's better in Bklyn".

      2. I've given this a fair amount of thought over the years and here's what I've come up with:

        The atmosphere in Brooklyn is singular, and if that's important to you, go to Brooklyn.

        The food, however, is interchangeable in both places. I say interchangeable and not identical because the truth is that the steaks in any great steak house are going to vary a fair amount from time to time. My experience is that when people have a steak at the Brooklyn Luger's that is only good and not great, they say, "Luger's has really gone downhill." When people have a steak at the Great Neck Luger's that is only good and not great, they say, "The Great Neck Luger's isn't as good as the Brooklyn one."

        I have it on pretty good authority that the steaks are from the exact same source and the grills are the same.

        1. The food tastes the same...As has been said, it's about atmosphere....Great Neck has a slower pace; waiters seem to have the time for traditional niceties...Also, there are often children there...(Breeding grounds of Long Island and all) so, if you don't want to hear children whining, go to Brooklyn or as late as possible in Great Neck...

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          1. re: Wendee

            Actually, I was there for lunch with two grandkids
            (well-behaved, of course ;-)
            and the child-friendly/accommodating atmosphere was a real plus for us.

            Although, for authentic Peter Luger's atmosphere, Brooklyn's the place to go.

            1. re: Annie M

              Does the Great Neck one have the same lunch burger special as the one in brklyn??

          2. s
            Spock's Brain

            Can you get the Bacon in Great Neck?