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Apr 4, 2005 01:06 PM

Apartment 138

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Has anyone tried the food/drinks at Apartment 138 on Smith Street?

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  1. I went for brunch a few months back. The food was fine and fairly cheap, but it took FOREVER. There were maybe three other tables that were occupied while we were there (it was around 3 pm) and it took about 45 minutes to get an omelet and french toast.

    1. We went about 6 weeks ago for dinner on a Friday. Food is cheap and decent. The place was full and not too slow. Skip dessert - they were all really weak. The wierdest thing though was the game room downstairs. It seemed like a fun idea but the vibe was really strange (read hostile) and we left without playing any pool.

      1. I really liked the crab cake. Sat at the bar. Nice weeknight vibe.

        1. We end up for dinner there nearly once a week (live around the corner) and really like it. Very much turned into our local, dont feel like cooking / dont feel like anything elaborate, dinner / drinks spot. The burgers are good, the steaks (when they have on special, i.e. ny strip) have been surprisingly good, like the guacamole as well. They have wonderful martini cocktails, esp chocolate martini and espresso martini. They are STRONG though.

          Never had any trouble with the service there that I can think of. Can get very busy on the weekends.

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            Second the awesome chocolate martinis. And yes, they're very strong!

          2. We wandered in early on a Friday evening that my wife met me at the subway (Bergen St.) for an early dinner. We have been back about 6 times since. The atmosphere is nice, the food pretty good, with a list of specials every night, and the prices are reasonable. The service is friendly, albeit sometimes a little slow (only a little).