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Mar 17, 2005 11:41 AM

Something interesting and different

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Long time chowhound.. I have been in a rut lately.. Kind of bored with food.. Looking for a really interesting place.. Any one have a really interesting place or a different type of food.. Taking my boy out and want to do something different tonight.. No italian, french, japanese, chinese, mexican, indian, thai, canjun, spanish, greek ,steak. Thanks for your help.. Maybe really good lebanese other then Al Bustan?

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  1. I urge you to consider Kabab Cafe, on Steinway St. in Astoria. The best description is eclectic Egyptian. It's a tiny cozy place, and Ali, the chef and owner, is a charming host and terrific cook. The place has the feeling that you're eating in someone's kitchen, the walls are filled with collections of things that provide endless opportunity for conversation.

    Ali does wondrous things with lamb, and he changes his offerings every day...a couple of days ago I had some wonderful small game birds, and duck, and lamb...delicious and interesting and a very enjoyable evening.

    It's easy to get to - you just take the N or the W to Astoria Blvd, walk a few blocks up Astoria Blvd and take a right onto Steinway St. and it's a block in.

    25-12 Steinway St.

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    1. re: Nina W.

      Thats place sounds great.. I just remembered the drunken moron factor for this evening.. I am going to avoid the subways if possible

      1. re: DAnny Boi

        So take a cab. It's 5 blocks from the Triboro. I take a cab there all the time. Takes me about 12 mins from the upper east side, and costs about $15.

        1. re: Nina W.

          Plus Kabab Cafe will not set you back a fortune. And it's BYO so you bring whatever booze you want, which of course makes it really cheap. Just bring enough to share with Ali :-)

          1. re: Nina W.

            I like Kebab Cafe a lot too but it very well might set you back a fortune (well, "a fortune" is relative) Just be warned that Ali is a little surreptitious with his prices (doesn't tell you the price for specials, etc.)If you want to do it up right (with appetizers, entree, dessert) expect to pay about $40 a person.

            1. re: tuber

              Just one warning on the beer and wine. Nina is a regular customer at the Kebab Café and I am sure the wines she brings are much better than Ali's meager selection. So, I'm sure Ali is fine with her and her companions bringing their own. But a first time customer might feel uncomfortable bringing their own wine into a place that serves wine and beer.

              1. re: bobjbkln

                Ali does not sell wine and beer. He does not have a license to do so. He provides wine and beer for those who do not bring it. He welcomes BYO from anyone, at any time. Everyone I know who goes there brings their own wine. The wines he serves are pretty bad.

                1. re: Nina W.

                  Thank you, I did not know that. I will definitely be benefited by that information the next time we go. I certainly agree that his wine (and beer) choices are awful.

                  1. re: Nina W.

                    He's sold me wine several times. It wasn't free!?!?

      2. i know you said no italian, but this place IS different! Panino'teca at 275 Smith Street in Carroll Gardens Brooklyn rocks! YOu can go for anything from a small snack to a full dinner, the cocktails are fresh interesting and delicious and the italian after dinner drink, imported cheese, and meat selections are not to be missed. they have art shows there as well as an amazing garden which should be open soon. cheers!