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Mar 16, 2005 01:42 PM

Best coffee shop in Brooklyn (to read and study in)

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As a coffee loving medical student, I'm always interested in knowing/finding the best coffee shop to study in. I've tried the usual places in park slope (Starbucks, Tea Lounge, Ozzy's). I was wondering if there is any other coffee shope (or starbuck's like shops) that you would recommend.

I think out of the 3 that I listed, I like starbucks b/c of the space, time (opens til midnight) and big tables. However, I do want to switch it up a bit and see new faces :)

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  1. Have you tried the Ozzie's on 5th Ave? It is big and pretty quiet--not like the 7th Ave branch. I find it a good place to work. (Coffee only mediocre, tho)

    1. I haven't done this, but I've noticed that you can have coffee in the Brooklyn Public Library at Grand Army Plaza. There are tables and I see people with their lap tops. It could be pleasant.

      1. I like Tea Lounge on Union off 7th--it does get a bit noisy and wild with the stroller set but you can still find a cozy corner.

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          There's one at the corner of Seventh Ave. and 10th St. as well. A cozy spot, and very popular in the neighborhood.

        2. Go to Vox Pop

          Fair Trade coffee, free WIFI. Cool left of center books.

          If you really need to study, check their schedule to make sure there's no performance on that nite.

          It's on Cortelyou Road in Ditmas Park.


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          1. re: lawra

            thats a cool looking place, we need something like that in queens..I dont mean Starbux either.

            1. re: Wells

              my favorite cafe in Queens (at least for reading/studying or other quiet contemplation) is Ten63 at 10-63 Jackson in Long Island City. It's right above the Vernon-Jackson stop on the 7 train and near the LIRR station. They have local art, good tea and food menus, and the staff has pretty good taste in music (not too loud, either). i LOVE the ruby sipper tea (blood orange and something else), carrot ginger and artichoke soup, and who doesn't love a banana nutella sandwich?

              Only catch is they close early - like 7pm most weeknights, i think. they stay open late (9pm) on Tuesdays because me and a bunch of other folks go there for a stitch n bitch group.

            2. re: lawra

              Any other suggestions for good coffee in Brooklyn? I haven't come across anywhere really good in Bensonhurst/Bay Ridge/Dyker Heights yet...

              1. re: CoffeeHead

                On 3rd Ave and 83rd St(?), there is Caffe Cafe. They don't have WiFi, but they will let you use an outlet so that you cna work. I find it a nice place to transcribe notes. Coffee is pretty decent, though not as strong as I like it. But the staff is pretty friendly.

                1. re: ellyel

                  The Little Cupcake Bakery on 3rd and 91st in Bay Ridge has great coffee and it is pretty quiet in the morning and early afternoon but when school gets out and on the weekend it is busy.

              2. re: lawra

                consumer democracy wins again. to the original poster, i think the tea lounge is the best place, hands down. at least they know they are in business of selling coffee and tea, without political pretensions.

              3. only one missing from this list is gorilla on park place and fifth. also happens to be the best coffee of all of the above.

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                1. re: ribbi

                  I have to disagree with Gorilla. It's incredibly noisy in there and the chairs are like sitting on rocks. I also find the coffee too strong, but I know others love it.

                  1. re: Kate

                    it may be a bit noisy, but they have the best coffee in brooklyn. i'd reccomend going to joyce bakery on vanderbilt ave in prospect heights. besides serving gorilla coffee and having pretty steller homeade baked items, the interior is comfortable and quite cheerful.

                  2. re: ribbi

                    I like Gorilla's coffee, but I couldn't imagine lingering there-- it's tiny!

                    I know that during the day, Half Wine Bar on Vanderbilt and Prospect is open and serving coffee and tea. I believe they even have free WiFi.

                    1. re: JessicaSophia

                      Gorilla people tend to favor death metal or noisecore it seems to be... not that relaxing an environs for some.