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Gloria pizza heads that think Amore pizza are the same owners?

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Im sorry to say but I keep reading how everybody thinks that the Amore pizza shop in the pathmark mall in Whitestone are the same owners as the infamous Gloria's pizza that was once on Main st.

They are not!

Amore is Amore

Gloria was Glorias and will never be touched!

Amores pizza cant/wont even touch Gloria's pizza in anyway.

sorry guys.

ps: its the facts, go ask the ol man in Amore.

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  1. Ah...the memories of Gloria's pizza!! I still miss it.
    Always stopped by for a slice on my way home from high school. It really was a great slice...the sauce and cheese were perfect.

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      Descendents of Gloria Pizza own La Vera on Hillside Ave. in New Hyde Park. Good round slices but no squares like Gloria.....

      1. re: KK

        I tried La Vera disgusting. If that was Gloria's your sadly mistaken. Amore's is Gloria's. Talk to the old man and his two sons. Even Blue Eyes the pizza guy whos been with family for 25 years worked at Glorias as a kid. The old lady is gone but her pizza lives on thru her family. Maybe Glorias was better cuz of nostalgia or better ingredients at that time in the 70s. Pizza and Chinese food was better in NYC from the 50s-80s. Long live Lum's and Gloria's. Flushing food icons....

        1. re: fcara

          LaVera is disgusting? Hardly. What would you consider good pizza?

          Amore's and LaVera are VERY similar in taste. The atmosphere in Amore's is like an OTB...depressing and ugly. LaVera is very pleasant. (plus I can get my car washed at Five Corners across the street...best car wash on the Island)

          I consider most Manhattan pizza to be disgusting...gross slices that sit like congealed pieces of drek, waiting to be warmed up after sitting for an hour.

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            Thank you Afikoman, this is John Jr. the owners son speaking on behalf of La Vera. I can assure you that all our recipes our those that come from Glorias Pizza on Main street. We try to keep a nice ambience in the restaurant and surely Five Points is the best car wash in the tristate. Every Sunday for the football season our 18" large pies are going for $10.99, and no that is not a typo. Cheaper than anyone around here. Thanks!

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      I was just reporting what the guy behind the counter said. The pizza is very good and that is the most important thing. Personally, I liked Gloria but never thought it was some kind of hallowed ground. It was good pizza that brings back nice memories of days gone by.

      1. Well, the Amore Pizza website says that it has the same owners as Gloria's. See here: http://www.amorepizza.org/NewFiles/fa...

        Amore does not taste exactly like Gloria's, but it is darn close. Others on this board have attested to that also. The best thing about Amore's, imo, is that the slice you get is fresh out of the oven. I do not see that anywhere anymore. I am happy to have Amore's in Queens to satisfy that craving for a slice (or two or ...)

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          I was just at Amore a few days ago. Very good pizza, if a little pricy at $2.25 per slice. I guess that's about average nowadays in NYC, but then again, I haven't been in town this long in forever.

          The last time I had a Gloria's Pizza was on the Met's opening day in 1997: it was raining cats and dogs, and me and my brother were hiding under the 7 train tracks. But the one thing I remember was that sauce: so delicately sweet, not completely overpowering, and so memorable that I still can almost taste it 11 years later. I was almost 12 back then.

          The sauce of an Amore slice is very good. I got my slice piping hot, straight from the oven because this place was really popular: families were there eating pies, a worker from the Pathmark next door was getting her slice, a guy in a suit was getting a couple of slices. Maybe it was the high temperature of the slice, but the sauce, while nice and sweet, simply didn't quite make me think, "ah, here is that sauce that I've been waiting for all these years." It was a very good slice, but I don't know if I want to go out of my way all of the time to get one.

          So if I'm in Flushing craving a slice, I would go to either Barone or Lucia because both offer very good slices and are simply more convenient to get to.

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            Ok lets set the record straight... Tom started out in this business from his father in law, my grandfather Lucio Musco. The original owner of Gloria Pizza and Lucia Pizza in Flushing. Once we left Queens we opened LaVera Pizza in New Hyde Park. We then sold it several years ago and went to NYC. LaVera is still open but my father has not owned or operated it in years. That is why it is not the same. If you remember LaVera from the 90's you have had a taste of "the good stuff". I worked there for years and people were coming from all over to enjoy it and I often heard about how it brought them back to the "days of Gloria"!! There is nothing like it. I never tasted amore but I know they did work for my grandfather back in the day and I have heard it's good.