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Best Burger in Park slope?

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Help! looking for best burger in park slope. any suggestions?

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  1. do a google search on this, as there have been many many discussions,,
    But to cut to the chase , I think most people, including myself love Bonnie's Grill..
    Secret note,, they did change their french fries recently and I dont like them quite as much,, but they are still decent.

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    1. re: Jason Carey

      Okay I might get boo'ed off the CH but I really love the turkey burger at Dizzy's on 8th ave and 9th street. Really, I do. The bread they serve it on is fantastic, lots of seeds and crunch to it. And I love the fries and chipotle mayo they serve. Comes with a little salad of greens. And very cheap, 8.95 or something like that. I get one often when I exit the F there. It's not your decadent red-meat, juicy juicy burger but it's very tasty.

      1. re: FullPlate

        "Okay I might get boo'ed off the CH but I really love the turkey burger at Dizzy's on 8th ave and 9th street. Really, I do. The bread they serve it on is fantastic, lots of seeds and crunch to it. And I love the fries and chipotle mayo they serve. Comes with a little salad of greens. And very cheap, 8.95 or something like that. I get one often when I exit the F there. It's not your decadent red-meat, juicy juicy burger but it's very tasty."


        I'll back you on Dizzy's turkey burger. I'm not a big fan of the "finer diner," but that burger's a winner. Large and juicy. Nice greens and crispy fries. Love the bread. And yes, that chipotle mayo. Yum.

        1. re: FullPlate

          I know you're all gonna laugh. But.....Santa Fe on 7th and Lincoln (yeah, yeah, yeah -- the cheesy mexican place) makes a great burger. And.....serves it on an english muffin -- which i happen to like.

        2. re: Jason Carey

          Where in Park Slope is Bonnie's Grill?

          Bonnie's Grill
          278 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

          1. re: TomChowhound

            if you look at the map on the right side of this page you will see it marked. If a restaurant is highlighted that means its in our restaurant database - it will map and if you click on it on its name, you will go to the Restaurant page with more info about it.

        3. My favorite burger in the slope - and admittedly I haven't sampled all of them (much as I'd like to, in a single day even!) is the Toto burger at Bar Toto. I like how they make the bun in a sandwich press, along with onions and cheese but no lettuce or other vegetarian stuff interceding between you and your burger. I also like the fact that it's right near my house.....6th Ave and 11th Street.

          So there's an assignment for you: eat every burger that gets recommended to you here in a single day and designate a champion. If Frank Bruni of the NYTimes can have dinner at BOTH Wolfgang's AND Lugers in a single night to compare them, it hardly seems like too much to ask...

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          1. re: bigskulls

            i'm so with you on the toto burger -- instant hangover cure.

            1. re: Sarah McColl

              "instant hangover cure."

              and a decent place to get started on another.

          2. Bonnies is not always what I crave- and I also don't like them with the spices.
            Try the burgers at Blue Ribbon- great fries too.
            If only Park Slope Ale House would come back to the way they used to be- why they were listed in the Times is beyond me...

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            1. White Castle, of course (but you'll travel a bot down 4th Avenue to get one)

              1. Rhythm and Booze at 10th ave & prospect ave in windsor terrace is my favorite burger in the vicinity. OK, it's not technically in Park Slope, but it's not far.

                Bonnies is pretty good, too, as is Johnny Mack's (on 12th & 8th) but i still favor R&B for a burger.

                1. Okay, I've stood by many months without speaking up but finally have to speak my peace ;-) I don't see what the fuss is about Bonnie's Grill burgers. My husband and I tried them twice recently (disappointed the first time, but thought how could all these Chowhounder's be so wrong, so we gave it another shot.) We didn't like Bonnie's at all. The first time, my rare burger (and his medium-rare) both came out more like medium-well, and we didn't care for the spicings at all. We also found the coleslaw inedible. The second time pretty much more of the same. We also tried the Buffalo Wings and we thought they were also just okay, nothing great (and my husband went to school in Buffalo so he knows what they should be like.)

                  We won't be going back to Bonnie's. As for the perfect burger in the slope, I've yet to find it but, when we want a decent burger we go to the Park Slope Ale House. Yeah its not what it used to be but its still pretty good. The burger is always juicy and cooked as you ask and a blue cheese burger is dripping with cheese; and I like their fries too. Have yet to try Rhythm n' Booze but I will soon...they are right near we we live.

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                  1. re: jinx

                    The regular burger at Bonnie's is definitely nothing to make a trip for... BUT I had a kobe burger there last month that was outstanding. not sure if it's a regular on the specials menu, but it was Peter Luger-quality.

                    1. re: jinx

                      I agree with the above poster about Bonnies - I just don't get what is so special about their burgers or even the Roast Beef Sandwich.

                      For a very tasty big handformed burger we like
                      200 Fifth - and they make their own fries too

                      besides which there are over 40 beers on tap and you can always catch the game if there is one.

                      1. re: Andrew

                        Yes, 200 Fifth has a good hamburger. Their wings are among the best I've had in NYC. Also love the beer and ale selection. I've always thought this kitchen is underrated.

                      2. re: jinx

                        I really, really don't understand why this board loves Bonnie's. I really wanted to like their burgers b/c I like the place's atmosphere. I've tried their burgers 4 times. Each time, my burger was overcooked and pretty tasteless. For the love of God, no place that respects red meat serves it well done. Plus, they come in these pre-formed, packed and stacked flat rounds. Unsettling.

                        However, I randomly ended up in 200 Fifth for lunch one day. I was a bit skeptical--I even asked them if they used frozen patties b/c it seemed like the kind of place that would (embarassing in retrospect). Turns out, they grind the meat fresh there AND they actually cooked it rare as ordered, which, for some reason, few places do. Very tasty meat.

                        I also like Johnny Mack's (if you can stomach a terrible jukebox playing in the background).

                        I haven't been to Park Slope Brewery or 12th St Bar & Grill, but hear those serve up good burgers, as well.

                        I'd love to try all four places--200 Fifth, Johnny Mack's, Park Slope Brewery and 12th St Bar & Grill--in one weekend to compare, but I think might die.

                        1. re: m. sirah
                          Bob Martinez

                          "I really, really don't understand why this board loves Bonnie's. ... I've tried their burgers 4 times. Each time, my burger was overcooked and pretty tasteless. For the love of God, no place that respects red meat serves it well done."

                          That's never happened to me and I've probably been there 50 times in the last 4 years. But different people see things in different ways.

                          In 1936 Babe Ruth was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. There were 226 votes cast and Ruth got 215. Eleven people didn't think the Babe belonged in the Hall.

                          You can't please everybody.

                          Link: http://www.baseballhalloffame.org/hof...

                          1. re: m. sirah

                            I'm with you on the 200 5th burgers, they're pretty yummy. A litle too large maybe, but very good quality.

                            1. re: m. sirah

                              If you like charred burgers, you'll like Bonnie's. If you don't, and you prefer juicier burgers, you will not. I like both types myself, so I do like Bonnie's. I think I do want to check out Cocotte though, sounds interesting.

                              1. re: m. sirah

                                I have to say that 200 fith ave produces one of the most stomach-churning burgers around .. a big glob of over ground meat practically like jello.. too much meat and the actual taste of the meat is that of chemical filled crappy beef.. yes the burgers at Bonnies are formed, but i think they are done in a burger press.. but whereever it comes from, at least the beef is wholesome tasitng..like beef not chemicals.
                                But of course there is always the rift between those who like a huge piece of meat and those who like the thinner patty, with a more even ratio between meat and condiments. I am one of the later.

                            2. I like the ones at Blue ribbon(expensive , but worth it) and 12th street Grill(great for brunch).

                              1. Cocotte makes a great burger. They put cognac or bourbon in it, and when you ask for medium-rare, you get it.

                                I think they run a bar-only special of a burger and 2 PBRs for less than $10.

                                And they deliver....

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                                1. Not a big fan of Bonnie's or Blue Ribbon. I concur that Cocotte makes a dynamite burger.

                                  1. A newer spot down at 5th ave btw 15th and 16th called "Sidecar" makes a solid burger. My current favorite for the Slope area. This blog is making me hungry...

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                                    1. re: ftrane

                                      Has anyone tried the Kobe burger at Melt? I haven't but had planned to...

                                      1. re: oystersallday

                                        yes. i've had it 3 times. the first 2 times it was incredible. probably the best burger i've ever had. last time it came out well done so it was dry. i should have sent it back but i didn't. i'll be back. sit at the bar and it's only $10. that's a steal.

                                        1. re: etowernyc

                                          The Melt burger is my favorite one in the Slope and as the previous poster said, an awesome deal. I've always enjoyed the burgers at Dram Shop too.

                                      2. re: ftrane

                                        I'll second Sidecar, that's our latest "go-to" burger spot. Plus I just really like the atmosphere there, very friendly and pleasant. Great music too.

                                        I just wish they'd have blue cheese as an option for the burger.

                                        We also love the burgers at Rhythm & Booze in Windsor Terrace, and they have great fries too. But not as good music as Sidecar :)

                                        1. re: jinx

                                          if only sidecar were open for lunch. sigh. in the mood for a burger right now, and finding the options quite limited...

                                          1. re: jinx

                                            I tried the Sidecar burger and found it too lean. the fries were great though. i second the nods for Cocotte and Rhythm & Booze's burger. Both great. Helio's used to make a great burger. i haven't been there in about a year, so I don't know if the quality is still as good.

                                            1. re: Claire

                                              i think cocotte allows free corkage on sunday night. whooaaa. today is sunday. i need a burger.....hummmmm...........

                                              1. re: Claire

                                                I agree that the Sidecar burger is a bit lean and nothing beats IMHO the juicy dripping burger at Rhythm & Booze. And in fact R&B has great fries too. But, I am not crazy about burgers on an English Muffin (as they serve it at R&B). And I just love Sidecar's feel. And neither place has blue cheese! So even though Rhythm & Booze is walking distance from home, Sidecar has the edge with the music and ambiance. In fact we just were there again Friday night. Plus they serve Six Point's Sweet Action which I'm really starting to love.

                                                We'll have to try Cocette's burger as it seems that we have similar burger tastes :)

                                                1. re: jinx

                                                  I'll take a firm toothy textured toasted English Muffin over a traditional squishy soft bland bun any day. Actually, I don't eat burgers on traditional white buns, given a choice. The only thing I don't like about English Muffins for burgers is there usually not big enough to hold a substantial burger and toppings. Where in the Slope is R&B?

                                                  1. re: TomChowhound

                                                    I'm answering Tom's 3 postings above, asking about some locations: Tom, this is a thread that started five years ago. Cocotte is no longer in business. Bonnie's is located on Fifth Ave, around 1st Street. Not sure about Rythym N Booze, but I think it's on 10th Ave. in Windsor Terrace.

                                          2. Flatbush Farm is my vote by far. The fries there are great as well.

                                            1. 12th Street Bar & Grill make an excellent burger with tasty fries. Just in case you need a bump in your cholesterol level! I've been back three times and they are consistent.

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                                              1. re: brittanderson

                                                I'm a big fan of 12th Street's burger as well. When I lived over on 13th street back in 2000-2002, the waitstaff there knew me as "burger caesar" because of my standard takeout order. The crispy onion rings make the burger there.

                                                I'm a big fan of Bonnie's also, for sure.

                                              2. This is the GOLDEN AGE for Hamburgers on Fifth Avenue in Park Slope; some day our children, and our children's children, will long discuss the unsurpassed burger delights on this famed avenue, long after these restaurants have been replaced by banks:

                                                200 Fifth
                                                Bonnie's Grill
                                                Blue Ribbon
                                                Stone Park Cafe

                                                And, when it's all said and done, and one needs some variety in their diet, there's always the Shepard's Pie at the Chip Shop, another culinary delight.

                                                (I'm partial to Bonnies; but Coccotte's cognac burger is superb as well)

                                                1. Last night I was craving a burger, so I ordered one for delivery from Miracle Grill on 7th Ave. and 3rd St. If you like a rare burger, I highly recommend it, as it was red and moist all the way through, although surprisingly not drippy. It came with a chipotle mayo on the side, lettuce, and tomato, and I had selected grilled onions and jack cheese as add-ons. The only thing that fell short of excellent was the standard-issue sesame seed burger bun--I would have much preferred a fluffy potato roll or anything that tasted freshly baked.

                                                  1. I am personally a fan of the rare, juicy, moist burger. I only had a Bonnie's burger once, and was not a fan. My favorite burgers in the slope are definitely at Johnny Mack's -- absolutely delicious!

                                                    (My favorite burger in Manhattan is at Paul's on 2nd Avenue)

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                                                    1. re: pixielex

                                                      If you're going to talk Manhattan The Royale on C and 10th (formerly the C-Note) is well worth the trip. http://nymag.com/listings/bar/royale01/

                                                    2. Sidecar in Brooklyn, on 5th Ave. between 15th and 16th is without a doubt the best burger...and the best fried chicken. Relaxed bar atmosphere and solid juke box round it out completely.

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                                                      1. re: kennyburrell

                                                        I will have to add that to my 5th avenue list.

                                                        Are there any others?

                                                      2. Tavern on Dean - 'cept it is in Prospect Heights on the corner of Dean and Underhill!

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                                                        1. re: roux42

                                                          I went to Rhythm and Booze in Windsor Terrace last week and after hearing more good things about their burgers I have to agree it was pretty good. Served on an english muffin gave it the right amount of bread/meat flavor. The salad was a little weak but the onion rings were real good. And overall it was good for the price.

                                                          1. re: manco

                                                            I still have to try the sidecar burger I want to try the Vietnamese sandwich as well. But my vote goes to Dram Shop. I love it, it's like a homemade big mac and good fries too

                                                        2. head into prospect heights, on vanderbilt ave and get the burger at Beast. It's amazing and one of the best in the area. Soda also has good burgers, very sloppy, but very juicy.

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                                                          1. re: ginsbera

                                                            i had an underwhelming burger at bonnie's yesterday. not because of the meat, but the bun. it was so big and hard it rendered the whole sitchuation useless. i had to eat it with a knife and fork. d'oh!

                                                            1. re: TBird

                                                              battin' 0 for 2 here this weekend. :-(

                                                              anyone recommending dizzy's burger needs a reality check. the place itself is a blackberry-wielding-tatoo'd-lesbian-double-baby-stroller nightmare, and the food(me the burger, my wife the eggs bene dizz) was mediocre at best. EASY pass from now on.

                                                              ps - the strawberry butter(with the blueberry muffins) was interesting enough to mark it as something i will duplicate at home.

                                                              1. re: TBird

                                                                we hit sidecar this evening. impressions(from the sidecar thread):

                                                                the burger was good(not great). but at $11($13 if you want sauteed onions), i'll keep looking. and the fries were useless, a soggy-salty nightmare. but(!!!), six point bengali & sweet action on tap, and at $5, is a definate winner. as is the spyhunter video game in the corner!

                                                          2. sheep station on 4th ave. maybe not the best burger in park slope, but very good. nice and juicy. and it comes topped with pineapple, beats, and a fried egg. very interesting.

                                                            plus, they have poutine.

                                                            1. Heard that Brooklyn Burger on 9th St. is under new management. Wasn't impressed by the last rendition.

                                                              1. My vote goes to Bar Toto. I love love love love the panini burgers.

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                                                                1. re: subinai

                                                                  i'm with you. bar toto all the way. toto burger. on panini with red onion and gorgonzola. nice fries too.

                                                                2. Hey - just to address one of the above comments by TBird - I don't mind one or even several "tatoo'd lesbians" with my burger. Homophobes, I'll pass on.

                                                                  Anyway my tatooed lesbian and I need a good place for burgers in Park Slope or Prospect Heights. Went to Stone Park Cafe last night and the burger AND fries were so salty as to be inedible. This thread has been dead for 2 years -- anyone care to make an update?

                                                                  Stone Park Cafe
                                                                  324 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215

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                                                                  1. re: daiquiri ice

                                                                    Two years later, we still love Sidecar for the atmosphere, the jukebox, the oysters and the fried chicken, but somehow the burgers got smaller and less good. Still, we go. But just recently found another great bar burger--the Double Windsor (PPW & 15th St) has a great burger (Pat LaFrieda beef) with excellent fries, and fantastic beer selection. Order in the back and they will bring it to your table. Just be prepared for a mob if you go late.

                                                                    The Double Windsor
                                                                    210 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY 11215

                                                                    1. re: daiquiri ice

                                                                      I never noticed this thread promoting Sidecar's burger as it was happening a couple of years ago, and to be honest I always thought the burger was a bit of a weakness at Sidecar, especially compare to the fried chicken and oysters that jinx is already highlighting. The burgers at Bar Toto and 12th Street Bar & Grill are as good as ever, and I've never tried Double Windsor (how have I avoided this, exactly?).

                                                                      That said, I think that Lot 2 straight up walked in and sat down on top of this competition when they added the cheeseburger to their menu last year. With all due consideration for how overblown the burger wars are in this city (I think "best burger" is probably about as undecidable but likely to inspire argument as "best pizza" or any other topic you could possibly raise on the NYC boards), I'm going to just come out and say it, caution be damned:

                                                                      Lot 2 currently makes the best burger in Brooklyn, and maybe the best in the city right now.

                                                                      Just-right bun. A big hunk of meat filled with flavor. Wonderful pickled onions to add as you see fit. Perfect amount of and tang to the cheese. And the potato wedges that come with are just plain awesome with the aioli they give you.

                                                                      Don't knock it 'til you've tried it. Any takers?

                                                                      Bar Toto
                                                                      475 6th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

                                                                      Lot 2
                                                                      687 6th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

                                                                      The Double Windsor
                                                                      210 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY 11215

                                                                      1. re: cjd260

                                                                        I agree w/ you cjd260. i am drooling at the thought of that burger. it's the lardo butter that does it - keeps it moist and also adds a punch of flavor.

                                                                        god damn it my keyboard is wet now!

                                                                        1. re: cjd260

                                                                          Based a few posts like the one above we went to Lot 2 last month. The original post had been a rave about their burger. I checked their on line menu, hoping for additional options, and found it somewhat limited. Posts on Yelp and a review by Andrea Strong seemed to indicate that there were a number of appealing specials. Nope. There was just one and it didn't appeal.

                                                                          We fell back on grass fed burger with white cheddar and duck fat potatoes, nicely priced at $13. It was very good indeed; the beef was rich and juicy and the accompanying cheese didn't get in the way. (They don't offer any other cheese choices other than the cheddar.)

                                                                          It's in the same league as the Belcourt burger, taking into account that it's beef, not lamb. The flavor was more intense than standard burgers; I attribute that to it's grass fed pedigree. I wouldn't want to eat grass fed burgers all the time just like I wouldn't want to drink German beers all the time. It would be a bit overwhelming. That said, it makes a nice change. The duck fat potatoes looked terrific but were ordinary. Not bad, but nothing special.

                                                                          This is a restaurant with high end aspirations. You could tell that because there wasn't any salt and pepper on the table. Chef knows best. Well, chef was wrong. The burger needed moderate salting and the potatoes needed a lot. This was easy to fix and they brought a small salt bowl (I told you this was a place with aspirations) and a pepper grinder.

                                                                          There's a short but well priced wine list and they also have a number of craft beers. Unfortunately for me, some of them are Belgian. The ambiance is gracious.

                                                                          This is the type of place that will be overpraised. It's in the south end of the Slope, a neighborhood that isn't awash in great dining choices outside of a handful of places. My bet is that if any item on their short menu appeals to you it would be worth trying. You can't go wrong with the burger.

                                                                          Lot 2
                                                                          687 6th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

                                                                      2. Great suggestions - thank you!

                                                                        Good fries seemed almost like too much to ask for.

                                                                        1. bar toto brooklyn burger

                                                                          korzo deep fried burger

                                                                          the burger at dram shop

                                                                          1. Bark's burger is pretty great. Korzo's deep fried was awful. Wanted to like Fonda, but it wasn't special. How is Thistle Hill's burger?

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                                                                            1. re: ketchupgirl

                                                                              Thistle Hill's burger was downright inedible, the worst I've had in recent memory. See my review here.


                                                                              Others may differ but it was so bad I will not risk giving it a second chance!

                                                                              1. re: ketchupgirl

                                                                                I've been going to Grand Canyon (7th Ave between 1st & 2nd St) since they opened in the early 1980's. I love their burgers, big and juicy and their pickles are the best!!

                                                                                Grand Canyon
                                                                                179 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

                                                                              2. Agree with most of the recent posters- 12th Street Bar and Grill is outstanding, Bar Toto is good, haven't tried Sidecar but after reading all this, I'll be heading straight to the fried oysters and chicken. Double Windsor makes an amazing burger-the meat is seasoned perfectly and totally juicy.
                                                                                Also, a little off topic but I seem to remember Hope & Anchor in Red Hook having pretty good burgers. It's been a few years since I had one but it sticks out in my mind as an excellent burger experience.

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                                                                                1. re: pookie77

                                                                                  In order of preference...
                                                                                  1. Dram Shop
                                                                                  2. Johnny Macks
                                                                                  3. Double Windsor (burger is great, but the pulled pork is my fave here)

                                                                                  Johnny Mack's
                                                                                  1114 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

                                                                                  The Double Windsor
                                                                                  210 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY 11215

                                                                                  1. re: pookie77

                                                                                    Just tried Bareburger and was impressed. If you're looking for a super traditional burger, I'd still do Double Windsor over it, but if you're looking for something a little different, there's PLENTY in that category and all really tasty. Veggie, Elk, Salmon, turkey, mushroom, lamb, venison, etc and amazing toppings. But the pistachio milkshake stole my heart...it also might have taken a few years off the old ticker too it but it was so freaking good.

                                                                                    170 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

                                                                                  2. I lived in the slope for 11 years and I've tried every burger around. The best is Sidecar hands down. Great meat, bun, and fries. Goes great with a spicy bloody mary on a hangover sunday morning. Second place goes to Blue Ribbon. Bonnie's and 200 Fifth are terrible!

                                                                                    1. There is something not quite right about Sidecar's burger. Maybe it's too lean, maybe there's too much black pepper which burns on the grill and tastes bitter. Still at 3:30 in the morning, it sure beats just about anything else around.

                                                                                      The burger at Double Windsor is indeed excellent, as are the burgers at The 12th Street Bar & Grill.

                                                                                      But for a thin patty burger, Dram Shop is maybe the best of the breed, city wide. And Five Guys, though not really a local Park Slope place, satisfies a certain craving.

                                                                                      Have not been to Lot 2, looking forward to it.

                                                                                      Sidecar Bar & Grill
                                                                                      560 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

                                                                                      12th Street Bar & Grill
                                                                                      1123 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

                                                                                      Dram Shop
                                                                                      339 9th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

                                                                                      Five Guys Burgers and Fries
                                                                                      284 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

                                                                                      The Double Windsor
                                                                                      210 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY 11215

                                                                                      1. Still like a Grand Canyon burger the best!!!

                                                                                        Grand Canyon
                                                                                        141 Montague St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

                                                                                        1. This is in Prospect Heights but I really love the burger at James. Always cooked perfectly, high quality meat that isn't over-packed and tasty brioche bun. Good fries too.

                                                                                          605 Carlton Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

                                                                                          1 Reply
                                                                                          1. re: chewbie

                                                                                            I love the burger at James as well. On Monday, they've got their burger night where prices are reduced and they offer three different types of burgers.

                                                                                            My favorite burger in PS is currently Lot 2 followed by Soigne. I'm looking forward to trying Double Windsor as it sounds like it's up my alley.

                                                                                            605 Carlton Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

                                                                                            Lot 2
                                                                                            687 6th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

                                                                                            486 6th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

                                                                                          2. Hands down Dram Shop Bar on 9th st

                                                                                            1. I have to say, after living in Park Slope for almost 25 years, I have never been to the Dram Shop.

                                                                                              I am surprised no one mentions the Five Guys on 7th Ave, it is better than any Five Guys I have had elsewhere. They are nicely juicy (greasy) and their fries are just the best.

                                                                                              Grand Canyon? Their buns are REALLY crappy, everything in fact is really down market and cheap. They tried going with upscale lettuce for a while but dropped that. Even their pickles are pretty lame, and the ketchup seems to be mainly water and corn syrup. But they are convenient and still very eatable.

                                                                                              I will be going to Bear Burger tonight, since nothing else on this website is near enough for the weather. But I will have to try the dram shop soon!

                                                                                              Bear Burger is OK. The meat is good, but they are very expensive and their buns - every variety they have - disintegrate long before one finishes eating the sandwich. Also they use thinly shredded lettuce, which I really dislike.

                                                                                              2 Replies
                                                                                              1. re: tspnyc

                                                                                                Just wanted to point out that the most recent post in this thread prior to yours is more than two years old, and many posts are quite a bit older than that. Five Guys on 7th Avenue is probably more than two years old, but it surely wasn't there when this thread got started.

                                                                                                Also, as we all know, things change over time, so some of the places mentioned may not be putting out exactly the same burger or the same version of the burger as they did a few years ago.

                                                                                                Maybe it's time for a new thread on this always interesting topic...

                                                                                                1. re: tspnyc

                                                                                                  I haven't been to the Five Guys on 7th avenue in a while but it's definitely the best Five Guys I've been to out of multiple locations. It was the first one I tried, and it fooled me into thinking that Five Guys as a chain, produces decent burgers. It's the ONLY location that didn't gross me out with others producing grease laden patties that were miraculously dry and greasy at the same time.