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Best Brunch in Park Slope?

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I'm tired of the places I've been going for Brunch in the Slope (Dizzy's, etc.) -- I would love some new reccomendations...

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  1. I love Applewood. The omelet menu is great. You pick two ingredients and also get grits or potatoes and a biscuit or toast, and a side of fruit. I highly recommend the hot chocolate as well.

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      i go to beso with the gf nearly every weekend...there's occasionally a wait but the place turns over tables very fast and the service is excellent. everything on the menu is great but we usually get the empanadas and latin eggs benedict...we tried the amazing chocolate stuffed french toast but it was a bit too sweet.

      for cheap, la taqueria has a decent mexican brunch...chorizo and eggs...very yummy.

      moutarde is good...their eggs florentine was great. id like to try stone park and applewood for brunch as they're my favorite slope restaurants but keep forgetting.

      lately, ive taken the train to bubby's every saturday...best brunch in the city in my opinion.

      1. re: jp

        I have to take exception to the service at Beso being excellent. Never had anything but mediocre to terrible service there, although I still go on occasion. They make a great cafe con leche and will give free refills.
        What's so great about Bubby's?

        1. re: Peter Cuce

          (no relation to Bubby)

          I've had brunch there a few months ago - it was good ole basics, friendly service too. Nice space, but it's not cozy and sound really travels - so if there is even one screaming child (and you can bet on that) it's like amplified so it sounds like the kid is being murdered. Difficult to enjoy food under those circumstances.

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            just wanted to second the comment regarding the service at beso... have always found it to be pretty poor. and i have eaten there more than a couple of times. but sadly not much anymore. i enjoy the food , but when simple things like getting a coffee before your meal is served becomes an ordeal...

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            I have to say that I disagree regarding brunch at Beso: we took our in-laws there on a recent weekend, and found that although service was just fine, the food was very disappointing. The empanadas were dry and tasted only of oil and flour; the french toast with dulce de leche was overly sweet, soggy (no crispy exterior) and doused with powdered sugar. The accompanying fruit cup was a joke. This is clearly a restaurant that overdoes everything and doesn't actually make decisions; rather, they seemed to just toss everything into the mix, with disasterous results. Once again, nothing against the service, just the food.

        2. Why is brunch so very important to Park Slopers. I never understood why so many people would wait hours to get into Dizzy's (much as I like the place).

          Anyhow, try 12th St. Grill (12th St & 8th Ave.) - I'm addicted to the French Toast w/fruit.

          Also Soto Voce (7th Ave) might still have a decent brunch, though I'm boycotting the place - dinner standards have gone downhill.

          I'd also venture down to 5th Ave - Belleville, Mustarde, Tempo, etc..... you did not say you necessarily wanted cheap.

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            sotto voce is terrible, for brunch or dinner.

            cafe steinhof does a decent brunch - love the farmer's dumplings w/ mushrooms. good bloody marys as well.

            Applewood takes the cake for food, but their bloody's lack spice.

            1. re: terrier

              Well, at least you confirmed what I have noticed about Sotto Voce. It started going downhil about 2 years ago. We used to eat there all the time, then it just faded in large and small ways. I think they were a victim of their success. Always crowds waiting to get in, so they got sloppy and figured out they did not have to actually concern themselves with quality or value.

              Too bad - I'm sure we're not the only loyal customers they've lost.

          2. j

            Have you tried Cocotte on 5th Ave. and 4th St.? We just went yesterday for the first time in awhile, and really enjoyed my brunch. They start you off with a basket of homemade bakery breads (ours had pear in it--yum!), and I had the crepe, which had an egg, cheese and prosciutto in it. It was really yummy.

            I don't care for Rosewater's brunch-- not enough "brunchy" egg or pancake dishes on the menu.

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            1. re: JessicaSophia

              Wow! Rosewater is one of my favorite brunches in the city, not just the Slope. They have great blueberry pancakes and lots of other excellent items.

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                Maybe I'll give it another try... I know their menu changes frequently. I just feel like the two times I've been, I hadn't been too excited about the offerings!

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              Charlotte Russe

              I had a delicious brunch at Surreal Cafe on 5th Ave & Prospect Place yesterday. We had the breakfast burrito, florentine eggs benedict, and pancake with fruit - all were delicious and reasonably priced. It's a very open, airy and inviting environment. The staff is friendly and attentive plus they are child-friendly (we had an infant with us.) Will return soon.

              1. The two places I always go, which have never disappointed me, are Beso (5th ave) and Cousin John's (7th Ave). Sometimes there is a long wait at Beso, but it is totally worth it for their cuban egg sandwich, and there is the best eggs florentine at Cousin John's. Also at cousin john's they start you off with this really great chocolate bread with a side of whole berry jam, and they serve brunch until 3 pm. I think I'll go today!

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                  petey wheatstraw

                  Dizzy's has its times--esp since you can't find turkey bacon anywhere else--but branching out is always good.

                  i'm surprised no one's thrown in support for Belleville. for the price of Dizzy's curiously overpriced offerings, you get food that's a good jump up in quality: cleaner tastes, phenomenal fries, and a create-your-own eggs-benedict-ish option that my girlfriend loves. coffee's strong, service is pleasant, and the room is a huge leap beyond the cramped and always-mobbed Dizzy's.

                  we used to like Cocotte quite a bit--their pre-meal sweets basket was a nice plus--but we had subpar service and inconsistent food too many times in a row to continue. if it's swung back uphill, though, i'd be interested in trying again.

                  one more suggestion: it's not park slope, but it's a quick ride on the 75 or F (or a walk, once things thaw out some) over to smith street to Cafe Luluc. great staff, serviceable-to-surprisingly-good food, all for prices that are three and four dollars cheaper (per item) than other brunch places.

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                  1. re: petey wheatstraw

                    I dislike Belleville. I'm not going to reprise my posts. You can go read them if you like.

                  2. For my money Beso, simply for the fact that it's Cuban cuisine makes it unique from all the others. There's a lot of sameness to the PS brunches. You may have to wait, but they have plenty of room and you'll get seated quickly.

                    1. stone park cafe is the best park slope brunch. food and service are both really great. amazing house smoked bacon. garlic offered as an omlette filling (and you get 4 total!) the only downfall is the $9 bloody mary on the menu. looking forward to having dinner there in the near future.

                      other places we've tried:
                      belleville - mediocre food, terrible service
                      cocotte - good food, but abominable service
                      dizzy's - also don't understand why anyone would wait to eat here. it's basically a diner with nearly twice as expensive food.
                      cousin john's - love the eggs benedict over croissants
                      la taqueria (when the wait at cousin john's has been too long) - big mistake
                      moutarde - nothing remarkable but solid; free shot of fresh smoothie when you are seated
                      rosewater - interesting food, but long wait and spotty service
                      chip shop - enjoyed the hangover special

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                      1. re: hamachi

                        Pretty much agree with your comments, although Rosewater is one of my faves. I've always had pretty good service there.
                        Although the ambiance nothing to write home about (or maybe it is, but not for any good reason), I'd recommend Tacos Nuevo Mexico. You can't beat the $5 for a great plate of huevos rancheros or some of the other egg dishes. Large amount of tasty food that can't be beat for the price. The free chips with salsa are very good too.

                      2. Dizzy's is the biggest waste of money ever. I ordered their eggs "ben-a-dizz," which were two poached eggs on decent pieces of Canadian bacon but served on cold (toasted yesterday, perhaps?) and unbuttered pieces of English muffin, and only lightly drizzled with a completely tasteless hollandaise. Frankly, the English muffin offended me, as it was not only cold, but also oddly dense (no pockets to absorb any sauce, which I guess is ok, since there was barely any sauce to begin with) and burned around the edges. The potatoes appeared to have been boiled and then rolled in paprika and a lightly sauteed bell pepper/onion medley - I'm from California and so have very high potato standards, I know, but no frying seemed to have been involved at all. I know that their coffee has been discussed on chowhound earlier, so I won't go into it here, only to add that it tastes as though the filter hasn't been cleaned since the days of vanilla hazelnut blends. All this can be yours for a whopping $12.95 per plate (incl. coffee, Tropicana juice, and a wee muffin/scone) - for that kind of money, go to Banania or Hope & Anchor, or take the F to 9th Street Market and stand in line. My boyfriend had the huevos rancheros, and I'll just make a list of everything that was wrong: green tortillas (dry), frozen avocado product used for "guacamole" (I know this stuff from my undergraduate days in food service),(I suspect) canned chile (passable, though the cause of severe indigestion), and the eggs (to be served over easy), were lost somewhere in the mix. You know that buttery egg goodness that can mix with the cheese and the chile juices? Didn't happen. You're better off having last night's pizza for breakfast.

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                        1. re: JH

                          not alot had changed i see. dizzy's is still horrible and stone park is still good. awesome.

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                            RIP Beso (and Cocotte). I tried Stone Park for brunch several years ago after they first opened and I was really disappointed. Ordered the sour dough french toast and I don't know if I got a bad order, but it wasn't french toast, it was more like dry regular toast. Seriously, it didn''t seem like it had even been dipped in egg; , totally not worth $12. Now I realize that was several years ago and I'd be willing to give them another shot. Any especially good dishes?

                            1. re: TBird

                              I think some of Dizzy's breakfast options, like the pecan amaretto french toast, are actually pretty good. Plus they're accommodating and do provide a free muffin basket. It's certainly not the best spot, and I'm not all that wild about the place, but I wouldn't say it's awful or horrible.... At the very least, their musical choices are pretty good!

                          2. While we're on best brunch in Park Slope. Can anyone weigh in on Applewood? I've heard great things, but the one time I went, I ordered the French Toast and it wasn't cooked through. I cut into it and it was literally dripping raw egg. I sent it back (and I don't usually sent things back) and they were very nice to remake it for me, but the second batch also came back drippy and raw. The owner comped my brunch (and I didn't even ask him to) but the whole thing kind of put me off and I haven't been back since. Is their brunch worth it? Any standout dishes? Should I give them another try?

                            1. Curious if anyone has tried Maria's (Mexican on 4th and Union) for brunch. Generally I find the food pretty mediocre, but the "all-you-can-drink" part of their brunch is appealing to me.

                              1. I've got to put my Stone Park experience out there... I was severely dissapointed for a few reasons. I expected the wait, so that wasn't really a surprise, but once we were seated...

                                1) the music was entirely innappropriate. For the first 3 songs it was GnR - 'appetite for destruction', followed by a couple lounge/downtempo tunes (this was unobtrusive), followed by the GZA - 'liquid swords'. I like all of that music (out at night, not on a sunday afternoon) but its so incorrect for the vibe of that place. I was there with my dad and his GF and it was hard to even talk over the sound blasting out of the speaker directly overhead.

                                2) My food and my dad's food was alright. But the eggs benedict came out with a hard yolk. No ketchup for homefries/burger, no jelly or butter for toast, and no spoon for coffee stirring. No waiter checked on us to see if we needed anything. I had to grab a busboy running by. Tables next to us were having the same lack of attentive service.

                                3) There was a frequent stream of waitstaff and busboys flowing back and forth, but they didn't seem to check on anybody. The really loud clatter of plates suggests they were in the middle of a massive dish clearing/ washing excercise.

                                Anyways, I don't tend to complain about restaurants ever. This was just so far off from what I expected that I felt the need to post something. I've also been to 12th st bar and grill for brunch. The service was good there and my food was alright (one of my friends dishes was a little meh) but overall, I'd have to say I'm going to stick to brunch in Williamsburg and skip it when i'm in the slope.

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                                1. re: daveproper

                                  I have actually never been disappointed with Stone Park and consistently return there for a great bloody mary and tasty brunch. I generally try to stick to Stone Park in the colder months as I love their biscuits and gravy which is an indulgence and puts you straight into a food coma following brunch but well worth it. However I went recently craving their bloody mary and had a delicious burger. While the wait can be long if you don't have a reservation, I've always found the service pleasant and the food and drinks relatively speedy. They event graciously accommodated a large group of us at several tables for brunch for my birthday and went out of their way to be helpful. I would give Stone Park another try or be vocal with them about your experience. The hangtown homefry (fried oysters), short rib hash, biscuits & gravy, and bluefish cakes with poached eggs have always gone over well at the tables I've sat at....accompanied by a bloody mary of course...

                                  1. re: dcasey

                                    I had one of the worst brunches in recent memory at Stone Park a while back and haven't been back since. My omelet was overcooked and leathery, my wife's fried oysters were soggy and oily and my sister's brunch was pretty mediocre. I've been back for dinner since and thought it was very good but the brunch left a lot to be desired. Maybe it was just a one-off experience but I just can't bring myself to go back...

                                2. I love Applewood. It never disappoints (me, anyway).

                                  1. we had a really nice brunch at the new israeli place called "delicious on the slope" on sunday. the decor was a little weird, and the prices are a tad high, but the menu is interesting (definitely not your traditional brunch fare), and the food was fresh and tasty. i had sunny side eggs cooked in a spicy tomato sauce that was pretty darn good and my companion had some sort of traditional israeli stew that had been cooked overnight.

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                                      1. re: Get In My Belly

                                        I dunno, this is Park Slope, $4.25 for a latte that comes out of a package?! Muffins clearly made from mix?! Miriam has much better Israeli food. Delicious on the Slope doesn't belong in the neighborhood, IMHO, or at least doesn't fit.

                                      2. I love 12 street- charming spot, good service. The "sunday eggs" are great.

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                                          Agreed, 12th Street is my favorite brunch in Brooklyn, and vies with NoHo Star for my favorite in NYC. The french toast barely needs maple syrup, and the south slope wrap - essentially just eggs scrambled with cheese and peppers in a tortilla - would be great even if it didn't come with the best salsa verde I've had in Brooklyn. Bonus points for the breadbasket, which usually includes sugar-crusted banana bread or something similarly cake-y in addition to rye.

                                          1. re: cjd260

                                            we had an incredible pleasant brunch today at rose water. the "special" duck confit hash was top notch($16) and my wife's truffled cheddar grits($14) also note worthy. definate thumbs up.

                                            1. re: TBird

                                              that duck confit sandwiched is to die for. Delicious all around and an enormous portion.

                                              1. re: ginsbera

                                                it wasn't a sandwich. it was "hash" style, with potato's and a fried egg on top. still to die for tho, you got that right!

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                                                  oh its different then. I had a pita stuffed with duck confit and a yogurt sauce with a huge side of their fries. It was amazing and a huge portion!

                                        2. Many of the restaurants in this post have closed. Beso is no longer open, and neither is Coquette. Sad, because Beso was really wonderful.
                                          12th street bar and grill is still open and good, and so is Rosewood. They have a yummy brunch at Sidecar, and also at Applewood.

                                          501 11th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

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                                            I'm only so-so on the food at Sidecar's brunch - it's not bad, but not great. However, their brunch drinks list is one of the best ways you'll ever find to ruin a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Absolutely worth the headache.

                                            One addition since this thread dropped off a couple of years ago: Fonda (7th between 14th and 15th) does brunch as well as it does everything else, which is to say, very well indeed. The enchiladas suizas will make you regret every lame huevos you've ever forced yourself to order when what you really wanted, trust me, was this.

                                            1. re: cjd260

                                              I think Sidecar's Brunch is amazing! Thier corned beef and hash is better then moms... not to mention the hangover soup or most especially the Lardon frisee -which might be one of my most favorite breakfast items ive ever eaten...

                                          2. Alchemy does great brunch and hasn't been mentioned. Miriam's is also good if you can stand the wait. I also felt mixed about Rosewood, great food but the menu is very limited.

                                            1. Just read this thread and decided to go to Sidecar for brunch. I do not eat carbs and didn't want to go to a place where everyone else is eating homemade breads and pancakes. Sidecar has a lot of choices for low carb brunch. Oysters, the hangover cure (which is great, just the right amount of spice) and gravlax are good low-carb starters. Salad can be subbed for homefries. The migas came with a homemade habanero salsa, very fresh and good. Even the decaf coffee was good. Next time, I'll check out the chicken fried steak or the fried chicken salad.

                                              Sidecar Bar & Grill
                                              560 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215