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Feb 8, 2005 04:55 PM

Sparky's in W'burg

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Decided to stop into Sparky's for some lunch on Sunday. I had eaten there once before, but never thought much of it at the time.

Sparky's serves organic american fare. Mostly hot dogs and hamburgers... My girlfriend and I split a hot dog with spicy relish and spicy ketchup. It was a tastey dog, hanging nicely over the sides of the Amy's Bread bun, and had a decent snap to it. We also split a bacon cheeseburger which was served medium with some nice redness. Twas a sizeable & delicious burger, although the cheese and bacon were not entirely detectable... The handcut fries were nice and crispy but not greasy. And the purple coleslaw was very rich and delicious. We each had a Boyle's soda, I had blackcherry, she had Root Beer.

It was a good snack-turned-meal. Spent around $16 in all. Very affordable for organic/natural food.

Nothing mindblowing, but deliciuos nonetheless.

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  1. i agree great franks from niman ranch makes it one of the best hot dogs in new york in my book.

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    1. re: ramen girl

      I've gotta say that I went to Sparky's several times when I lived in W'burg over the summer, and I was underwhelmed by the burgers and dogs. I like the fries, toppings, ketchup, cole slaw, etc. very much, but I found the burgers overseasoned and the dogs not snappy enough. For burgers, well, you're lucky enough to have Luger's within walking distance, and for dogs, well, I was lucky enough to have a couple of excuses to go to Nathan's that summer. I think both of those blow Sparky's out of the water (for their respective offerings, of course), but for a neighborhood joint (& if the organic thing is your top priority) it's just fine.

      1. re: KB

        I agree. I thought their cheese fries were really mediocre and the woman at the cashier was so incredibly b-tchy and nasty that I wanted to smack her. Slow service, too--and they used a microwave to cook part of our order. Better hot dogs with less crappy attitude problems can be found elsewhere.

    2. Organic HotDogs. Wow. Wouldn't want my spleen, snouts & hoofs with any chemicals... Sparkys does have some tofu/vegetarian offerings that are awful. The hotdogs are ok...

      1. has anyone been there recently? we went about a month ago and was horribly disappointed. I don't eat beef, so got a chicken sandwich and the chicken was gray (ew!). my boyfriend is originally Chicago so got a chicago dog and was also disappointed. the service was slow and they were out of was almost heartbreaking!

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          I live 2 blocks away and I have given up on Sparky's. The wait is so long, you can jump on the L transfer to the NRW and go to the Shake Shack wait in line, eat, go back to Sparky's and they should be ready with your order by then. Anyone ever go to hot dog place called Coney Island on Bedford and S. 3rd?

        2. I ate there a few weeks ago for lunch. Was just to lazy to cook something. 1 chili dog and one plain and a coke = $9
          I dont mind paying that high price but the bread was stale and the dogs are pretty bland with tougher than usual skin. They are lucky the only way Ill go back is in the mornings for EGG (best biscuits and gravy in NYC IMO).
          Coneys serves Nathan dogs the way its suppose to be and also have foot longs.

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          1. re: mingt

            Ate there 2 days ago. Awesome hamburger and amazing fries. Kind of expensive but its NYC.

            1. re: Sunnyside Brian

              I think you are better off going to Kitchen Delight on Bedford & N. 8th if you want dogs, burgers and fries. They also have meal deals, i think its $5 for 2 dogs, fries and a coke.