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Feb 7, 2005 11:56 AM

Metropolitan Building & Chef Rossi - Need Wedding Advice

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We're contemplating having our wedding at the Metropolitan Building in LIC. We actually got the idea from a thread posted a couple of years ago - I remembered seeing it and searched for it.

I was wondering if anyone has had a recent expereience with the space and the food? From the website the space looks really cool and the pricing is reasonable. We're going out next week to look at it. Anyway, THE FOOD. Of course, for us, it is super important that the food is wonderful. Eveything I've read about Chef Rossi has been very positive, but not so recent. Any feed back would be much appreciated.

FYI - We're doing approx 40 people, jazz trio, Gelato Lab instead of a wedding cake.


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  1. I really tried to have my wedding there but we had a summer date and they have/had no air conditioning so it was out of the question...Space is amazing, as is the owner....Unfortunately we hadn't got as far as food so i can't comment on taste....Chef Rossi seemed very easy to work with...very helpful budget wise....Good luck...

    1. I'd like to revive this thread, as I have the same question as jesselou - how's chef Rossi? My initial correspondence has bee good but I'd like to know about the food. Thoughts?

      1. I used Raging Skillet (Chef Rossi) for my wedding in Prospect Park at the Picnic House and she and her staff did an incredible job. We had a pretty limited budget and she worked with us. Her Maitre D was an incredible help and gave us some great tips. Our wedding was very simple but elegant and we still get raves about the wedding and the food. Good luck!